What kind of controllers are allowed in tournament


i play on a logitech g27 playseat and i wonder is this allowed?


They’ll probably tell you to take a left turn out of the venue


i am zangief player i use d pad to move but the wheel for 360 and 720 i have arthiritis so i cant do them on d pad


Show us you winning with that playseat for SSF4…and I’ll endorse you.


is it illegal tho i know full schedule got in trouble for using two kinds of directional inputs


do steering wheel controls even do up and down inputs?


yes they do it makes it much easier to do standing 720


Zangief is supposed to hit like a truck, why not play like you’re driving one too!

Alternate control method that might be tourney legal

(I really just like the thought that someone named akuma666masterofist mains Zangief)


can you do a standing 720 on that