What kind of Game does he play?

ok im starting to play with chang just for fun i was wondering what kind of a game can chang play in cvs2 is he a zoning character,rushdown chipper what kind of game does he play please if there are any kind of good chang players please psot a little turoial for him ok thanks alot i’ll check back later peace.

Based on how I play, I usually start defensive first, and when they’re full-screen, I go offensive, continually pushing them into the corner until I’m in the right position to start his corner trap.

When you’re forcing them off your ass, use these any of these anti-airs accordingly- c.HP, c.MP, j.HP, RC Spinning Ball, HCB + LK, HCF + any K. When they get too close to you and you’ve been knocked down, mash on c.lp on wake-up. If they don’t block, you’ll do a 3-4 hit jab combo into ball swing and knock them back so you regain momentum. If they do block every jab, follow up with a roundhouse or a slide.

Offensively, when you’re rushing somebody, you want to send Choi out first to bait any mistakes (prefereably his HCF + K), and do an occasional slide. When you knock them down, do Choi’s HCF + HK, and if they block low, low jump and hit HK. Choi will connect, and you can combo into a rush super. In addition to that, Chang’s command grab is a very nice move to tick with. So if they’re really good at blocking, you can low jump in with nothing and do the command grab upon landing.

And finally, when they’re cornered, you trap them. Do Choi’s hurricane cutter (HCB+K), and mash HP before Chang finishes his thumb-up pose to go right into the ball swing. If they attempt to do anything in between each hit, chances are they’ll fuck up and get knocked down. This is when you cancel the ball swing (3P) and reset the trap by throwing out Choi again. If done at the furthest distance, you can still hit them with the very tip of the ball and reduce the effectiveness on most counters, like wake-up DPs or ACs. This is not inescapable, but it’s a pain to deal with no matter what groove you’re in. The biggest thing you need to worry about is a wake-up Lv.3 super. SO, when you have the meter, DO NOT forget to do the Choi super! And keep mashing on HP to go into the ball! Be sure to take full advantage of the situation with each gaurd crush too.

And as a general rule, try to get used to Chang’s laggy pokes, notably, any of his HPs.

thanks alot man for the info and tips hope to chat with you soon or something on chang or some other people by the way just to let you know CApcom Fighting Jam is coming out very soon go to the general fighting game disscusion to read about it, its like the 2 page of the forum list.

Couple more things to add.

Another good way to set up the corner trap is to mash fierce during a low-jump, midscreen. You’ll do the ball almost immediately as you land. Don’t forget you can move Chang as you’re doing the ball, too, so reposition yourself if the ball isn’t touching them. This set up is also a good reset for the trap if Choi’s too far away to do his hurricane cutter again.

And mashing the fierce button before the announcer is finished is a good way to start a round. Most people try to outprioritize Chang by jumping in on him, so after you hear “FIGHT!,” they often jump in and get knocked out of the air by the ball. Just try not to make it obvious by pushing the buttons too hard.

I like to throw out Choi with HCB+K (which kick you use depends on the opponents distance…if they are far use HK, if close use, LK). While you throw him out, charge back, and after Choi finishes his attack, press F+P (once again, the punch is determined by the opponents distance, but HP seems to work the best in most situations) and you will do that ball swing that is also used as a counter attack. Most opponents will attack immediately after Choi is finished, and they will fall into the trap. If they don’t attack, it’s still a good way to keep them back…the charging ball attack is very strong…but not too good when fighting in close combat. In close combat try to poke them away with jabs and ball swings so they get far enough away to continue the assault. I like Chang the best on N-groove and A-groove (slow players to me usually benefit quite well from a roll). N-groove is good because when Chang powers up…he becomes pretty damn strong. A-groove is good because he charges up his supers quickly, and he has one of the easiest custom combos in the game (F+MK repeatedly until bar is almost all gone, then do his super). I don’t know…I’m not the best Chang player but I have fun with him…Good luck!

Chang’s roll fucking sucks. I like him in N-Groove myself, but rolling is something you absolutely do NOT do with Chang.

I like your Choi into charge ball strategy. Gotta try that sometime.

another cool trick against fireball happy people…is his little slide attack…it goes under fireballs and trips them. It only works though if you’re fairly close…his slide kinda sucks sometimes

man I wish he had better super moves…like his Choi hurricane one is only good for cheesing somebody because it NEVER hits…and his charging attack would be better if it came out with a little more speed…but whatever

Have you seen the fat man run once the super flash is over? That shit is hilarious, and FAST!!!

actually yesterday I got my friend with Chang’s hurricane super move TWICE. His Cammy jumped in and was about to hit me, but the hurricane like sucked her in…does it always suck people in if they’re in the air?? Maybe then it wouldn’t be so bad…

another thing…his jumping fierce punch is really good…fast, strong, and awesome range…abuse it!

I also kind of like his crouching MK seems pretty good sometimes too…

I just think it comes out way too slow to surprise anyone and Chang can’t move during it so it’s not like it’s a wall or anything. Chang in K is really nice. Like someone earlier said, his roll blows hard, but running after a full screen Choi attack and doing tons of damage while raged is great. Also, he can fill rage with the autoguard at the beginning of his [db]f-P, but it’s tricky to do solely to bait meter. He’s also so tough that he can really afford to try for Just Defends without worrying about taking too much damage. I like him because he can be ratio 1 and still hang around for a while and get results.