What kind of hard drive should I buy?

is 40GB a good deal ? im thinking of getting a 60GB, i think the 60GB are kinda hard to find or something anyway if hard to get im thinking of 80GB

im asking because of the price if a 40GB is enough or not

You should do like I did. Checkout Newegg.com They have great deals on hard drives. I got a nice 250 on sale for about $135.

It was easy to replace too. :slight_smile:

ok thx

I bought a 500GB just a couple of months ago for $100. That’s not a whole lot more than a drive half its size, and i figure that’ll be more space than i’ll ever need(though i’ve already filled up 100 gigs between videos, game installs, and demos that i no longer have to delete). Unlike XBOX 360, you don’t need an (overpriced) “official” Playstation hard drive; just one that fits(ie, a 2.5 inch, or notebook drive). It doesn’t void the warranty to swap it out, and they even made it easy to do.

If i’m telling you stuff you already knew, maybe a link would help.

(Yes, computer parts are occasionally cheaper at Amazon than at Newegg.)

I wound up getting a 320 gb hard drive for around 70 bucks on eBay. Brand new and I had no problems.