What kind of joystick did you use at Evolution?

I’m collecting data to put in my Hardcore Gamer Magazine coverage of Evolution 2k7. I’d like to ask: What kind of joystick did you use at Evo? (Or did you borrow one?)

Categories are:

-Store-bought stock US Joystick (NOT arcade-spec like MAS, but YES to Anniversary Stick)
-Store-bought JP joystick < $60 (Hori Tekken 5 stick YES, but Hori Real Arcade Pro NO, because it’s a high-grade stick)
-Custom/Arcade Spec US Stick (MAS, Modified Anniversary, etc) must have 100% Happ parts
-Custom/Arcade Spec JP Stick (Byrdo, HRAP with 100% Sanwa parts, etc) (edit:)should have 100% Seimitsu/Sanwa parts
-Other (read: Pad, totally bizarre Korean dolphin stick, Ikari warriors stick, keyboard crusher)
-I borrowed someone else’s stick!

PS: Can I get a sticky on this thread please? I think this is pretty useful information for everyone. :3

Custom Sanwa with 3rd Strike artwork on the front. Been using it for more than a year and has won me a few tourneys and placed me decently in the rest of them. Extremely lightweight and dont have problems playing it in my lap.

Here’s the stick I was using: http://picasaweb.google.com/wliu0912/KarinStick

modded tekken 5 stick with sanwa parts

although HRAP are moddable, does not mean the people modded them… so i suggest being lenient with it and allowing people to put down they used stock one, because some people do.

That was a sexy stick you had at Evo. Definitely one of the best looking sticks I saw there. Red’s my color so it grabbed my attention quick as it was. BTW GG’s in ST. See you’re in Los Angeles though so you may not get to play me again till next Evo. Looking forward to that tho.

Hmmm…I didn’t even read all that Shodo. T5 stick is also moddable (I’ve seen plenty of people with modded T5 sticks) so I dont really understand where all that comes from. Makes it sound like if you paid more than a certain amount for your stick then you automatically fall in the custom stick category. Which is not the case since people pay good money for HRAPs out of the box. Seems like people with stock HRAPs have to throw themselves in the other category.

I grew up playing in actual arcades, so I will never fully embrace japanese sticks. I used an SF anniversary stick with happ competition parts. I can play any game on American parts, and I entered 3s, ST, MVC2, CVS2 using this stick. It is awesome.

I used a modded MAS stick. I put a Dual Shock PCB in it and a Happ 360 running the 5+ from a USB cord. My favorite stick is the Happ 360 sticks but you can’t really put them on your lap and hunching over on the floor sucks.

HRAPs are mostly Sanwa, or are high-grade. They’re arcade-spec so that puts the OUT of the cheep category.

very interesting thread.

when’s your article getting published? im definetely looking fwd to check out the evo coverage…


Dreamcast pad ^-^

Probably in November.

Right now I’m aiming for 200 votes, 300+ is ideal and 100 is the minimum. I’ll also post links on dustloop and meltybread.

Crap, I forgot to mention pad. Pad goes under ‘other’.

vote placed :tup:

Thanks for the compliments on the stick. All the credit goes to Zombie Cpt though. Dude makes nothin’ but sick looking sticks!

And yeah man, those were some real GG’s. It was a lot of fun, even though I lost. We’ll definitely have to play a few matches next year!

-1 for stock JP and +1 for custom JP, I voted incorrectly.

Neo Geo home stick…but I didn’t enter any of the main Evo tournies, just BYOC.

Arlieth played on my stick, and had multiple orgasms.

i used a keyboard: