What kind of Joystick do you prefer?

TGA the Famous Japanese style arcade isn’t too far from me. And well, I hate it.

I don’t like the type of Joystick/buttons they use.

They use the Japanese:

I prefer the american euro style:

I think the american style is the better type of stick it’s not loose like the Japanese Lolipop stick

so my question to ya’ll is

which do you prefer?

(personally for me I’m not really a stick guy nothing beats the Saturn pad)

It’s all personal preference.

I started out playing games on Japanese cabs, so I’m use to Ball tops [square gates]. I still have some trouble with American sticks at arcades, can’t really hit the diagonals right.

Japanese sticks, without a doubt. And I started on American style.

I started out playing the American sticks, and then got my own Japanese stick (square gate). It grew on me, and now I hate American sticks. I also have the same problem as SMF, I can’t really hit the diagonals right on an American stick anymore.

Depends which game:
US = MvC2
Jap = #R, CFJ, 3S, Vampire Savior
Both = CvS2, ST, T5, SC2, VF4

i started out on american sticks
i worcked at a namco arcade for 2 years so i played alot on them
i also live not far from tga and play there all the time

it really doesnt matter to me what kind of sticks i use cause i can play just fine on both altho i do have slight preference to jap sticks now cause motions come out a bit faster

Japanese sticks hands down. Can’t get enough leverage on those American one and its impossible to grip. I’ve recently been mimicing the Japanese grip with the fingers underneath the “lollipop” which makes QCFs and stuff way faster.

American but mainly because I haven’t played much on JP

My hands are too big to handle Japanese style. I’m just not comfortable with the “lolipop” method of holding a stick. The bat style fits me perfectly.

However, not all american sticks are to my liking. I prefer a p360, can work fine with a competition, but have a hard time doing DPs (and shoshosho) on an ultimate due to the fact that the diagonals are bigger than the 4 straights directions, and I tend to not roll my Dps down far enough on these sticks.

I’ve turned a liking to a Seimitsu with a bat top, the short, short supers are all over the place.

As long as I can short, short, super, I’m ok with everything else.

Both. I like straight 360, not square gate. One time while playing Axl Low on a square gate stick I couldn’t do bomber loops, I don’t TK, my alternative is a counterclockwise 360 which registers as a jump+Z motion and square gate just blocked all that.

Japanese. Square gate Sanwa to be exact.

American sticks I can do okay on if I have a bit of time to practice with them, but overall I don’t do as good. I’d like to try Seimitsu sometime tho, mainly for ST.

I started on American sticks, but I don’t really have all that much experience on them. In the past few years, I’ve used Japanese sticks almost exclusively, so they’ve really grown on me and now I greatly prefer them to American sticks. I just find hitting those diagonals a lot easier with the square gate.

I also as well started on US sticks in the many styles they come in, I still can play on them. I prefer jap style sticks/buttons mainly now since I’m so used to playing on them, also since they respond a lot better than US sticks/buttons. Though for me as long as I can play someone I’ll adjust to any stick they got to play some games. Hell I’ll even play on pad if it comes down to it, even though I don’t really like pads at all. Like everyones said already whatever tool works best for you use it. Take care.

I can’t do qcfs on the loli but I can do qcfqcf no problem.

I also can’t do the SNK motions on a Loli.

LOL. But I guess you don’t get it.

But yeah, the ball stick for me. But depends on the quality. Somehow, on the US Hori Tekken 5, I can’t combo in HCBx2 moves for some reason, while on the cheap ASCIIware sticks, I could.

Jap sticks FTW. I’m used to playing Marvel on american sticks, though and it takes some getting used to the lolli’s every now and then.

gogogo ??

In other news, I use square gate Sanwas ftw

i started on happ switch stick (happ super or some shit) then i got a hrap and its way better for me. i play mainly marvel and ST. though i do have to say that marvel on a p360 is a little easier.

I like the loli’s for 3d fighters I should’ve mentioned that but I still prefer Happs or other american sticks.