What kind of loser are you?

It happens to us all at times, you play a game and you lose, perhaps you get owned. But how do you react to that loss and what does that say about you as a person. How many ways are there to react to a loss and how many of them have you done. So I’ll start a list and see if anybody fits into any of the categories:

  1. Rage Quitter: you quit before you actually lose and dont acknowledge the loss, if u didnt see it, it never happned. You put the guy on your avoid list aswell.

  2. *Excuse Maker (fing lag, crappy xbox controller, cheats, tick throwers, “how can he throw me through a dragon punch!!!” )

  3. Obsessive: You keep playing the game until you beat that person who beat you, then you take a break or turn the console off, just incase you come across them again.

  4. **scoreboard hoe: **you lose and your rank falls, you cant turn off the game until you get your rank/rating back to what it was.

  5. Rage Mailer: You mail the guy who just beat you and give him a piece of your mind

  6. **Praise Mailer: **you mail the guy saying GG or some other pleasantry

  7. Advise Seeker: You friend request the guy who owned you so you can play him more and get experience OR you ask the guy who just beat you what he thought of your playing style.

  8. Hulk Smash: Some object in your vacinity feels the full force of your wrath, usually the controller you were using, or a wall or a door. Whatever is close at hand gets thrown at super sonic speeds. Your controller still works but one of the buttons is disabled and it makes a rattling noise whenever you pick it up.

Cant think of any more at the moment but feel free to add any that I’ve missed. Me personally I think I’m guilty of No 2, No 4 and No 7 lol

I dunno…maybe just “Take it like a man”? I do look heavily forward to rematching people I lose to in ranked, though.

I’m just a* frequent* loser…



  1. **Excuse Maker **I sometimes blame the lag, especially if I know I could have beat that person, but I was not focused or was too relaxed during the match. But I know deep down, it’s just an excuse, and I don’t really believe it.

  2. Obsessive I do keep playing the game until I beat that person who beat me, but I don’t take a break or turn off the game. If I’m obsessed enough, I’ll look up that player on my met list and invite them to 1vs1 room. Or sometimes, hate mailers will challenge me to a 1vs1 room, and I almost always accept. They usually get beat down, but it’s fun. = ) Or if they are actually good and it ends up even or they beat me, I friend request them.

  3. **scoreboard hoe **

  4. Praise Mailer

2 and 3, for sure… sometimes 6, when I have no excuses…

3, 6, and 7

I only get mad at myself when I lose.

I play until I beat the bastard at least once, then I will try a few more times to see if I can repeat the victory.

If I lose 10 in a row I usually yield.

same here.

I don’t really play the game online often, but the times I do. I get beat so bad that the person that has owned me multiple times leaves. I just keep on losing to the same guy, until he gets tired of beating me. And then the process continues with someone else. :rofl:

6 and 7. In fact, I sent you a friend request last night Mr Irrepressible. I could do with practice trying to break down your Guile (I’m a Vega main).

I dont lose.

/SARCASM :rofl:

  1. If it’s legitemately laggy then I’ll usually bitch at the time (even if it benefits me at the time,) not after I lose. It’s not really fair to either player.

  2. It’s all about learning, and I strongly believe we learn through failure. Success in the face of failure is confirmation of learning.

6&7) I really appreciate good games, and I want to let the other player know. Often times I’m in a room where people are complaining about tick throws, Ochios, etc. And I usually take the time to explain how tick throws and reversals work. Because I remember when I didn’t understand how that worked. I was really angry at the game! So I always seek and welcome advice. It’s all about learning.

Ah yes, I’ve played you quite a few times over the past few weeks. Yeah no problem, I’m usually online 7pm - 11pm UK time.

Forgot to add another category:

Hulk Smash: Some object in your vacinity feels the full force of your wrath, usually the controller you were using or a wall or a door. Whatever is close at hand gets thrown at super sonic speeds.

Luckily I haven’t done a hulk smash since Mario 3. It’s a good thing they made the NES controllers so sturdy!

I’m usally No. 7, but when I ask people for help they act like they are too good to help out a HDR noob. And then thats when I go to No. 5, and give then a piece of my mind. Also if anyone is willing to help me out with HDR and play some friendly SFIV games hit me up with a FR, I’m mostly looking for help with Guile, Dictator,and may be Fei Long. Thanks in advance!!:china:

I’d say I’m a mutation of 3 and 6 maybe even a little of 7.

I do not have to keep playing till I beat the person, but even if I’m getting destroyed almost every game I keep playing until the other person gets tired of playing or I have another obligation come up. I always send good messages to players who stick around and play numerous rounds with me because of course the practice is very much appreciated, and depending on how the exchange of messages go I may send a friend request, because hey its always nice to have someone on your friends list to have some sparring matches with

lol… I have a friend who fits this perfectly, he never wants to break his controller though since it would cost a lot so he usually ends up breaking other stuff in his room… punching holes in his closet door, breaking lamps, computer chairs, punching walls, etc… I don’t think high blood pressure and fighting games mix well D:

#2 and #7, i enjoy good matches

maybe an all of the above option somewhere.

“turn off the turbo a-hole!” lol

well ive never rage quit, i dont understand that, its like 10 seconds of your time.

I used to get really mad and sometimes make excuses. I’ve tried to mellow out more and for the most part it’s worked. I haven’t hit my arcade stick in a while. Instead, whenever I lose I just try to laugh instead. I also try to say GG’s and tell players what I liked about their play (even those stupid demon setups).

For me, the key to not being mad when I lose is humbling myself. If I lose, then clearly I did something wrong. Even if I lost to a scrub, he managed to do something I couldn’t get around. And that’s that. I still get very frustrated, but I’m less angry about it.