What kind of loser are you?

If someone destroys me or we have a close game I’ll usually send them a GG, but I don’t usually do any of the other ones. If it’s actually laggy I’ll bitch about it but that’s not really excuse making.

i like to break stuff

and hit stuff

My suitemate once said he would throw his controller, but it techs every time.

LOL. Nice.

Thank inthesto for that. I think he might have said that he got that from someone else, too. So we might never know who to thank.

For me, It’s 2, 3 & 6 for sure.

I’ve been cursed with an awful temper since I can remember, and when I lose (especially when I made a silly mistake or missed a few reversals) I’ll be quick to blame lag or whatever and lash out.

Once the red haze passes however, I try do do my best to learn from the loss, and if it’s someone im regularly loosing to i’ll give them a GG’s and likely hit them up for some tips to improve my game.

My reaction tends to be based on the skill of my opponent, and the quality of my play in a given match.

When I lose to someone who I feel I “should” have beaten, I tend to react much more negatively than I would against someone I, either knew to be good, or who showed me through the course of the match their skill. There are times, at least for me, where I can’t seem to get out of my own way. When I’m playing poorly, and losing matches I shouldn’t, I usually stop playing for a while (sometimes several hours).

Often after my matches, win or lose, I will try and go over in my mind how I played. When I’ve had a particularly good match I will often send gg to my opponent. I have on very rare occasions hulk smashed my fist into my fightstick. This usually happens after being disgusted with my own play, and doesn’t reflect any particular animosity for my controller or the game.

when i lose i tend to enjoy it cause it means i get to spark up another joint.
(i typically play in a room of >3people, so the wait can be awhile)

#4 and #6. I love seeing all the different ways to lose in SF. Just when I thought I’ve found every way for someone to pick my brain, someone does something entirely different from what I’ve seen before. That makes me happy.

3 and 6 are most common, but sometimes I’m 2, and rarely 8. I’ve always been prone to throwing shit when I lose at a video game… My dad’s been known to throw shit over poker too. I’ve learned not to throw anything of value at least.

Although if I finally beat the person who beat me down 5 times in a row, I don’t cut and run with my one W. I’d rather keep it going and see if I can even the score for real, or if my one win was just a fluke.

Sometimes you’ll hear me say “fucking lag bullshit” on reaction to something, even when I know deep down inside it more than likely was my fault and not due to latency. It’s just a kneejerk reaction. As soon as I’m done saying it I already realize how full of shit I am and just go back to trying to figure out the match.

I’m a loser who posts in tier lists on SRK.


Its rare that I find someone to beat me on HDr…
This is why i cant wait until the excess weight (scrubs) either shape up or ship out so i can find great competition.

All is well on the TE stick, but i have slammed a few ps2 controllers while on GGPO.

#3 obsessive (I want that rematch)
#5 rage mailer (depends on how the fight was lost) i admit to a solid defeat. but when luck/shenanigans happens weather it be lag or something the other player clearly didnt mean to do to…i can turn into a whinny bitch. (lame, i know…)
i get close to #8. Hulk smash. (i havent thrown the controller…but i REALLY want to sometimes.)

certain things drive me out of my mind. some days i feel psychic and can win against good players easily…other days i lose to scrubs and thats the worst. but…when i have days where every match i have seems to go the distance and i continualy lose in the 5th round by a hair…im very tempted to throw the controller out the window. this usually happens against the same players. i have a temper also and i make a very concious effort to control it. i usually have to tell myself that i lose more when im angry.

I’ve played so many matches of fighting games that winning and losing are almost the same to me. Fighting games are so random and transient that it doesn’t matter much anymore. Some days I’m a winner, some days I’m a loser. People see me play and think I’m a freakin beast, then I enter an SRK tournament and go 0-2 and out. I don’t try do anything online except try to have exciting matches.

The only people that can beat me regularly in serious play are people that post on SRK and are already on my friends list. So they get a “gg” for a ranked match. And if the set was particularly good a “great games” and an analysis of the set.

Randoms that beat me when I’m playing off character also get a “gg” and a short message.

8, 3, 2, 6 in that order

8 and 3 are nearly whenever I lose, but they aren’t exact because I don’t actually bust up any of my own shit, I just feel like doing it, and I don’t actually quit on people after I snuck away with one or a small series of wins. I’ll leave when the other dude actually stops even trying to win or when I absolutely have to, but usually it’s random DC or the other dude got his panties in a wad.

Very rarely am I impressed with someone enough to praise them in how artfully they whooped my ass. When that shit happens I’m never angry and always send out a dick sucking message.

I am haru tejyo. What is this losing that you speak of?

This game is unique in its ability to make me extremely angry when I lose. I’ve ragequitted 3-5 times total in ranked, but I haven’t done it in two or so weeks now. I honestly did it so I wouldn’t get pissed enough to break my monitor.

Nowadays I mainly scoreboard hoe it up, then sometimes praisemail someone if I’m not too hyper-angry for losing, and every once in a while I make excuses, but usually only when there really is noticeable lag (not that it’s right).

Oh, and I’ve hulk smashed one controller after I lost a match a couple weeks ago. Busted the battery pack beyond repair. That’s when I stopped playing when I got close to that point. :stuck_out_tongue:

6,7 or the one not listed “whatever”. I just shrug it off. a loss is a loss. :slight_smile: zen

ill have to go with 6 and 8. 8 only on sf4 however, 2 doesn’t seem to anger me regardless what is happening on the tv. i tend to be polite to others and keep my anger to myself.

IF i am angry enough to want to ragequit(you know, having a bad day irl or something), ill put down the stick and let them beat me so i can leave when the match is done. though, the one time i did do that, the man decided to message “FUCK YOU” to me, which in my opinion, was more immature than my setting down the arcade stick in the first place.

generally i do player matches, and when people are actually using their mics, no rage is to be had regardless how bad im getting beat. good times when you are in a lobby of bros chatting and having a good time.

i second that. stupid joysticks are lucky they’re expensive or i would have smashed the shit out of them.

the thing that is the most frustrating is not losing from making mistakes, but losing to bad execution. it sends me into a rage and i usually have to take a break for a while. the more angry i get, the more my execution suffers.