What kind of material is the original art on TE sticks?

I was wondering what the material is called that the original TE stick art comes on. Is it possible to get stuff printed on that same material at print shops?

Thanks for any help.

I think guys do laimlabel at Kinkos.

I think lamilabel is considered low quality, it’s not bad but there are better alternatives. I think the preferred method is getting it roll laminated and using spray adhesive compared to lamilabel, if you’re going to Kinkos that is.

You could also order it from mamemarquees/gameongrafix but it’s pricey.

The type of printing on the TE sticks requires that you do a minimum of 500 copies for at least more than $1000.

gameongrafix.com is the way to go. I would apply that on top of a plexi panel if you want it rigid.

It’s artwork fused to a sheet of polycarbonate plastic material. Very expensive to do, and not something you can replicate on your own.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ve used Gameongrafix before and their quality is superb. I was just checking to see what other possible options there might be.