What kind of microswitches are in a Hori ex 2?


I kind of want to mod this crappy stick and was wondering what kind of microswitches the stick comes with. I’m assuming they are Hori. Also, would Omrons fit in there and do you guys think it’s worth swapping these out?


Sanwa button microswitches fit in a ex2 button, but you cannot easily use the sanwa swtiches the same way as the hori ones by soldering it back in.


I actually meant the microswitches on the actual stick itself, the ones that come in contact with the actuator. Sorry if I wasn’t specific enough. That’s why I was asking if Omrons microswitches would fit in there.


I’m not sure about omron switches, because i haven’t taken apart a JLF in a long time, but I easily swapped out the default switches with cherry switches.


Microswitches of the Joystick already OMRON.
You will see OMRON V-15-3A5.

If you don’t see OMRON, then you’ll see Matsushita.
Will be Matsushita AM51630A53N.

Sometimes you will even see both in the same Joystick!
Like I did.

I’ve a full OMRON, a full Matsushita and a mixed.

Oh, Matsushita is the brand that are in Seimitsu Joysticks.

But yes, you can put other Microswitches in your Joystick.


Thanks guys, I’ll take this baby apart and have a look…