What kind of mindgames are going on in this jump in situation? (See video)


7:55, after the throw into the corner

Andre jumps in twice on sagat on wake up, i don’t understand why sagat doesn’t just shoryuken on wakeup since it seems so obvious andre is going to jump in. My only guess is the mindgame is that andre choses to do a jump in that hits and a jump in that is safe against reversal, and the sagat doesn’t shoryuken either time because he fears the safe jump in. so whatk ind of mindgames is andre playing that causes sagat to not just wakeup shoryuken the jump in?

bonus question: in general, how do you jump in like this on dp wielding characters? i’d imagine you need to do some sort of mindgames as well because it’s so easy to eat a shoryuken. my personal guess is mixing up a real jump in with a jump in just outside of shoryuken range, but that seems pretty risky and gets messed up with sagat’s kara tiger uppercut.

The first jump looked like a safe jump and the second jump looked like if Sagat would’ve DP’d, the angle that Andre jumped in would’ve caused the DP to whiff. I’m no expert on this, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, Sagat is relatively easy to safe-jump since his DP has a start up of 5 frames while Ryu’s comes out in 3 frames.

Don’t jump in unless you know exactly what you’re doing. I’d say 9 times out of 10, don’t jump in on Ryu. Only jump in on Sagat if he doesn’t quickstand and after a throw (correct me if I’m wrong). This gives you more time to position yourself for a safe jump. Also, when you get the opponent on the defensive, you can jump in a bit more since they get “scared.”

Yea, Bison’s j.fierce gives uppercutters hell. If the j.fierce is spaced right, the shoto will whiff DP. Also, I’m pretty sure Fuudo blogged that it’s the only jump-in that can’t be autocorrect DP’d.

Lol, the end of that match is insanely funny. Sorry I have nothing to contribute to the mindgame question but just want to thank you for posting the vid (I was there but had to leave mid-tourney).
Laughed my ass off.

Sagat’s HP Uppercut has huge horizontal range, but it kind of shoots him way forward so that he’ll actually whiff through narrow jump-in attacks. Also in general in this game if you can position a jump-in attack to hit behind someone’s neck as they’re getting up, there’s a very good chance if they try to uppercut they will get beat.

I just want to say that, in the sea of idiots that is the newbie saikyo dojo, it is nice to see good questions like this.