What kind of Mods are you going to do for the TE stick?

well im preparing for my TE stick(which canada wont get till late march :sad:) but anyway, i dont know how im gonna mods to my TE Stick and for my TE Stick(short ill say TES)

im planing on either making my own probally Pine Table For my TES, gonna take out the rubber nubs and gonna have Pegs to lock in the table, and make a cup holder, if you guys want ill post the Blueprint.

the other idea is take my Comp table, and just Drill a couple Slots for the pegs, only problem is a few inches from my monitor and ill be too close to it, i have over a month to create it.

but what i would like to know is what mods are you guys gonna do for your TES?

either small things like get the american Stick, change of the button colour scheme or convert a coffee table into a table/arcade pad. ect.

i would like to know your plans and ideas hey maybe ill add that to my mod :stuck_out_tongue:

ps if theres already a thread, The Search is broken for me(both in IE and FF) just doenst show the results so please dont get mad and lock this thread if there is a dupe.

I’ll use as is for a while until I get bored of it then I’ll probably change the ball top and button colours. Maybe try some seimitsu buttons. I’ll more than likely keep the JLF stick in there with the square gate though.

Oh, and change the artwork of course.

Light up button mod and graphics change sounds fun. Nothing else really. Fits all of my needs nicely

Nothing. I got a PS3 fightstick Im gonna play with though, all Seimitsu ftw. Probably change art and it will have a ball top. I wont even think about messing with the 360 TE until the warranty is up, just in case.

I am sure the same kinds of things done to the HRAP will be done to the TE. Hopefully the TE will be as easy to work with as the HRAP.

Personally I hate the artwork used on the TE many will make Vewlix control panel art for it.

Another thing I would hope you can remove is the horrible looking red elevated ring around the control panel top.

LS-32 will also be one of the changes many will make.


Little Cylon lights slowly moving back and forth on the turbo LEDs, or having the lights show the buttons pressed, with a cool slow fade out. Or in an equalizer type mode, where jab is the left most tope light, fierce is the leftmost three top lights, with a slow drop to the left when the button is released. Or a binary clock showing the time.

Swapping the LEDs for blue ones. Or swap them for a combination of green yellow orange red to help with the equalizer effect.

Change the ‘Turbo’ button to instead do on-the-fly button remapping.

Rewiring the Start and Select grounds so the Lock switch disables those as well.

Maybe a loud piezo-buzzer that blasts if a keychain fob button is pressed. (i.e. the “Where the fuck is my stick/Who took my stick?” button)

Rewire the 360 headset jack to an internal bluetooth transmitter/receiver using one of those “use a bluetooth headset on any phone, even those that don’t use bluetooth” doohickeys.

Rewire the four player number lights so they do a slow pulsating glow instead of a steady on. Or show the stick direction.

Use the Lock switch instead of a DPDT to select whether the Cthulhu or the 360 pcb should be using the USB cable, without changing the normal Lock switch behavior.

All of these and tons more are possible, and should be easy mods, all of them.

The red ring can be removed from the case so I imagine we’ll see it in many colors.
I’ve been thinking about replacing the acrylic with a new piece that has 6 button holes and no spot for the turbo panel. I’d drill a hole in the back by the start button to put in a home button.

I’m going to make it a 3-system stick (360, PS3, and GameCube).

Why stop there? One board can get you that plus PSX and Xbox1 :slight_smile:

Awesome lol :rofl:

i wouldn’t exactly call that an easy mod lol… easy compared to what?

that was shameless lol :rofl:

but very true.

i’m going to but button plugs in the 2 right buttons, i would accidently press them if i wouldn’t do it. i also thought about an LED mod, but let’s see about that.

Actually I dont think it would be that bad. It’d have to tap the turbo button line and interrupt the 10+ button lines between the main board and the distribution block using the ribbon cable. A pretty easy FDWidget code handles all of the remapping. The piezo buzzer mod and using the slide switch instead of a DPDT are the only ones I haven’t fully figured out how to do yet.

Bomberman’s hardcore. I never doubted his capabilities, but if he uses another one of those awesome SNES-style Hori Gamecube controllers hacked in a stick I’ll cry.

Shit these all sound great. Binary clock is a sick idea. But I could see the button indicator and home button stick indicator being pretty useful/cool. About that bluetooth receiver/transmitter mod it would be awesome to get it to support this: http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/lgs-lba-c300-bluetooth-qwerty-card-is-the-best-calculator-loo/ for XBL messages.

Bomberman’s hardcore. I never doubted his capabilities, but if he uses another one of those awesome SNES-style Hori Gamecube controllers hacked in a stick I’ll cry.

i have one of those. great d-pad. i never use it though.

  • I’m gonna spray paint the bezel black. (Any better ideas?)
  • Add some new art. (Chun Li ftw)
  • Change the Balltop to a mesh dark hai or black. (Depending on how it looks with the art.)
  • Get 6 clear blue seimitsu buttons that light up on activation.
  • Change the other LEDs to blue LEDs.

Sad thing though is that I won’t be able to get the lights changed/installed for quite a while. Damn expenses!

I like the idea of making the headset wireless.

I think I want to keep at least one TE completely stock. If I do manage to get a second one, I want to make it a all-consoles (or at least PC, PS3, PS2, X360, DC, and GCN) all-Seimitsu stick with custom artwork.

I already got parts in from lizard lick:

seimitsu ls-32-01
seimitsu white bat top
2 black sanwa button plugs

+new art that hasn’t been made yet. have the concept, having a dude on neogaf help me realize it in photoshop

can’t wait… my only other arcade stick was an ex2 i owned for a few months. wasn’t feeling it at all, mostly because of the buttons. held off on upgrading that so i could cop a TE.

The only mod I’ll be making is an art change. A Vewlix look is what I’ll be going for. I’m hoping somebody out there will produce some nice acrylic versions, but if I have to, I’ll print it out myself and laminate or find a thin sheet of plastic to cover it.