What kind of Mods are you going to do for the TE stick?

Could you be convinced to put up an instructable for wiring up the Cthulhu to a 360TE and what I bolded in the quote ? Would be awesome :smiley:

If/when I figure it out, I’ll put up instructions, but it will take some additional electronics. A full Instructable for it though? Thats a bit of work. It will require a small board with at least two chips. The way I have it pictured in my head now would be a small board with the four/five spots for the USB wires (Ground, VCC, D+, D-, optional shielding ground) holes on one end for the outgoing USB cable to connect, and the other end having spots for VCC, ground, the 360 D-/D+ pair, Cthulhu D-/D+ pair, and a wire for the detection.

Since I wrote that, I got to thinking that using the Guide button to detect would be better; hold down guide when plugging in to go to 360 mode, and not holding it to activate Cthulhu mode including the other console modes in the MC Cthulhu. Doing it that way instead would mean the wire for detection could be connected to the Guide button wire in the ribbon cable connecting the upper left pcb with the main pcb.

The downside is pretty much every mod I listed would require soldering. I’ll be putting up instructables for installing a Cthulhu as soon as I get my hands on one, including a solderless version if I can swing it. These will not include the switching I mentioned. Of course I’ll put up information on the other hacks as soon as I can, but I may not be able to do full Instructables for them; they just take a crap ton of time to write.

I want to replace the artwork and flip the layout so it’s left handed.

Compiled collection of ShinJN’s modding/review vids for the TE stick, if anyone is interested…

To folks like Toodles, I bet this is as good as porn.
Thanks for the link. :lovin:

edit: I’m gonna use the stick as is until warranty is up, then I’m gonna put on a bat top and possibly Seimitsus. We’ll see.

Aww Toodles you remember me. :slight_smile: But don’t worry, that was a Pelican pad I hacked, not a Hori pad! It was just $10 shipped from an Ebay seller.

toodles stop being so badass you put everybody else to shame

From the looks of the black plastic you will need to cut the shit out of the case to get the joystick and buttons to fit
and also re-weld the joystick mount.

Hmm sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly. A simple instruction (not instructable) for the 360TE Cthulhu mod would be more than enough already - maybe with some instructions on how to wire up the DP switch.

Can anybody direct me to a TE top panel artwork modding info webpage or describe how to do it?

I spotted the article which displayed some excellent looking template ideas over at SDTekken. Really would like a Viewlix temple too if anybody has it.


Look here.

I’m probably gonna wait till the 90 days are up, but a art swap and some seimitsu buttons would be a nice change.

Thanks, Imitrex.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the tutorials :rofl:

art change for great justice!

My first mod will be an octo gate and bat top. Does anybody know what specific part numbers ill need? Or if I need an adapter to go from ball to bat top?


You would need a sanwa joystick adapter