What kind of plastic are Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons/joysticks made of?

I know this probably does not deserve its own thread by I wish to know what kind of plastic Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons are made of. I hope to god its not polycarbonite as I am now afraid of bisphenol A. Happ/IL ones are made of nylon btw.

About joysticks, I know Sanwa gates are most likely made of polycarbonite and Seimitsu out of nylon but what are the balltops made of?

Don’t eat your buttons and you have nothing to be afraid of.

The plastic degrades over time and bisphenol A is released into the environment. Since arcade/industrial grade parts in a home environment last a really long time, you will get a lot more of it than simply playing in an arcade where sticks/buttons are replaced every month (for cheap ass american arcades, US parts are made of nylon so you are safe). I have OCD so this is a very serious issue.

I know the blue Sanwa SDM-20 was considered hazardous to your health, that is why we do not sell it.

I’ll guess acrylic for clear parts and ABS for everything else.

No, its not a very serious issue…

Take a look at what is considered harmful vs what the average exposure per day is.


Not an Issue.

50 ppb/day is considered safe. I think I average around 23 parts-per-billion a day and I eat polycabonate for breakfast!

I think I’d be more worried about lead paint on your action figures than arcade sticks.

I would be more worried about the dollar if I were living in USA.

question solved. If anyone wants to ask questions about whether other products contain bisphenol a then ask away.

may someone please check if sanwa gates have a number on them and then tell me what that number is?

Honestly? All you really need to worry about are the button surfaces and the balltop, since you wont touch the rest. Also, simply wash your hands after playing before eating anything.

That’s as much caution as you will nedd with a stick.

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I thought this thread was going to be about someone plastic welding / or injection moulding a balltop or something.

If someone managed to get a button cast for injection moulding. . . saw many guides online for many things from masks to w/e and it doesn’t look prohibitively expensive or technically difficult. Just getting the microswitches would be a problem I soppose.

Thx. Does anyone know for sure? ABS looks quite common for welding/moulding http://www.hotairgun.com/techtips/car_mainweld.php

Euro goes up though :stuck_out_tongue: