What kind of program should i write?


hey guys, this question is for the computer scientists and IT people. I have to write a program for my intro to visual basic class and** i want it to be something i can list on my resume in the future (i’m an information systems major).**

i’m having a tough time coming up with ideas, maybe you guys can suggest some. Keep in mind that this is an introductory course and that our programming knowledge is very limited. here is the project requirements:

This project requires you to develop a complete working solution for real-life scenario. Examples may include book/video rental, real estate listings, inventory tracking, etc. Each group with design and code the program, and finally present their program to the class.

thanks so much!


I would suggest doing an inventory program - they are fairly easy to do and you can make several tweaks to it. Use barcode numbers for the item inventory numbers - all major retailers do that.

Just to make your program more close to home so that you enjoy it more, make it an inventory system that tracks an arcade parts store’s inventory!


Write a program that does your homework for you.


this isnt meant to be help… but god dam how i hate visual basic


People are always asking for apps to manage tourneys. I’m sure it’s a big time investment but it could ultimately be useful if you stuck with it.


^^^ This is what I was going to say. Since you obviously have an interest in Gaming, write something that helps manage tourneys, keeps stats, etc. It’s easy because it’s pretty much just database shit.


Good idea!!! :tup: :tup:


If your knowledge of programming is limited then it probably won’t be resume worthy. I can’t believe colleges still teach visual basic. I’m a software engineer and I never had to learn or use VB. You should learn C, Java or C#, C++ in that order. Then after you get decent at C++ start learning the scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, and Lua. You should also pick up a book on Data Structures. However, since you an IT you should probably stick to scripting but it doesn’t hurt to learn how to program a link list or a B Tree.

Also if your program requires store huge amounts of data in memory or disk then definitely pick up a book on Data Structures.


Tourney app eh? Think I just found myself a new blackberry project centered around small tournaments/gatherings though! Whose gonna wanna type 128 names into a blackberry =p


Hope conebone doesn’t get angry with me but here is a small portable version of a tourney maker I created, it’s pretty close to finished. You can get names from your contact list(working on just allowing names to be typed in) you can have up to 32 people. It will randomize those people for you and place them in the “brackets.” It’s double elimination and if you enter prize money it calculates the split at the end.

Here are some pictures, it should work for Blackberry Curves,Pearls, and of course the Storm