What kind of router do you use?

I just bought a Dlink dir-825 and it doesn’t seem like its any better than my old Dlink(DI-624) When running bittorent and SF4 at the same time. I want something that can run both?

a router isn’t going to be your solution.

it’s your internet bandwith that makes the difference. what is your download and upload speed? which ISP?

I have fios 5 down and 2 up

on a side note…

have you messed with the bandwith allocation? I’m not sure how to use it in bittorrent, but utorrent has an easily accessible option to change the bandwith allocation for the upload and download.

if you are wanting to play online and download torrents, you should look in to lowering the bandwitch allocation on your torrent downloader while you are playing games.

honestly though, your best bet is to not download torrents while you play. regardless of what you do, you will sacrifice your connection speed and ping times.

i have 16 down and 2 up and when i’m playing online, I suspend uploading and minimize my download speeds.

Yeah I tried that before I change it to 500 kbps and 10 kbps. my internet connection is capable of around 600 kb/s and 250 kb/s. have you tried using sf4 and torrent at the same time? maybe I need a faster connection?

the thing to consider, is you only have one pipe that sends and delivers data simultaneously. the more traffic on the pipe, the slower the individual packets will become.

a faster internet doesn’t mean you can download/upload at full speed, while not affecting gameplay. it will help you slightly, but playing SF4 online will still be affected. I know that when i forget to shut down my torrents before playing SF4, my pings drop and I’m at 16down.

sadly, the easiest solution here is to determine which data stream is more important to you. just stop downloading and uploading while playing. it will save you a great deal of hassle in the long run.

side note…if you truly want to download and upload, it’s costly, but you can always get a 2nd modem and internet account. Maybe your ISP has specials when you have two. this would allow you to have two data streams in the house.

OK, I’m just not ganna run both at the same time. I don’t think I want to pay for two separate internet. but yeah thanks for your help.