What kind of stick and buttons are these?

here’s the cab of kofxi which can be found in an arcade here where i live:
my question is: what kind of stick and buttons are those?
They are not sanwa for sure…

buttons look like sanwa, but i cant say about the joystick…

probably a sanwa also

according to the user real neo geo (akihabara shop) oficial neo geo cab use the seimistu ls-40. which is a similar stick to the ls-32. you could ask the maintaninance of the arcade , so he can show you the panel

I’ve seen a lot of the Neo cabs with Seimitsu sticks on them, so that’s a possibility. Although in my experience when I’ve ordered used panels it’s always one brand, not usually mixed.

seimitsu?.. tmr i will ask them directly…thx :slight_smile:
edit: i checked some seimitsu ls40 stick on google…and yes it’s indeed one of those stick… i have to say that i dont like them very much…