What kind of stick does Daigo use?


Does anyone know?


He is sponsored by Madcatz, so I would imagine he uses a TE.


I saw him play in some tournament a month or so ago and it didn’t look like a TE


He is using a prototype Street Fighter X Tekken Stick, not yet released. After he or Tokido are done with a match, they hand it right back to Markman.


When will that be released? Is it made by madcatz?


Madcatz have not announced a release date. It is likely to go on sale around the launch of SFxTekken.


the stick should be available at comicon/evo…


Honestly, I mostly use Hori sticks and will continue to do so but I would buy one of the new sticks Daigo was using at Revolations and NCR in a minute.


You guys know it’s the stick that makes him play the nintendo tapes better, right?

Like the Power Glove.


Why does it matter? A certain stick style doesn’t give you magical powers.


its called a fightstick pro… i think… i forget… i played on it… its not that bad… the weight is as heavy as a te… but i think its a little bigger…


Daigo uses a Vewlix Arcade Cabinet. and is sponsored by Madcatz so he uses their stick when playing on the Xbox/PS3. Recently it has been the SfXTek Orange stick.

But if you want to be like him play on a vewlix arcade cabinet in japan.


there’s not much art space though :frowning:


Just like a couple people said… He’s using the SFXT arcadestick. There’s some footage someone put up on YouTube that shows a glimpse of the stick he was using at either NCR or Revolations.


I don’t know about that.



Yeah. I hate that arcade stick. I don’t like the lay out, it’s too big and too heavy.

I’ll stick to my TE and soon to be modded namco.


I decided to check it out and i’m pretty sure this is the one he’s been using


I’ll definitely be buying one


Aside from the red casing it looks really dumb. But hey, madcatz gotta get blood from this stone some how. So they release release a “new” arcade stick (fuck the term fightstick.) every 3 months.


honestly just looks like the hori sticks imo but the hori sticks look better

and he’s probably asking because he never seen it before not cause diago uses it


Maybe i’ll wait to see what the Tekken x Street Fighter stick looks like…