What kind of tablets do you guys use, and what do you prefer?

I currently use Paintshop Pro 8 and Phototshop CS. What kind of tablets would you reccomend for someone who uses these programs?

Also are there any other paint programs that are worth my while?

From what I heard from actual users and studio peeps www.wacom.com has the best tablets hand down. I got an intuos2 6x8.

As for paint programs I never used paintshop pro, but the new painter owns. The interface is much like photoshop now. No matter what I always end up liking ps because i know it better.

good thread, and just in time too. i’m looking around for a graphics tablet, but they all seem ultra pricey. i’m thinking to get a graphire3, but the size is only 4x5 in. i’d probably use it mostly for CG work within photoshop or quick sketches; i already have a scanner for detailed works. is that way to small in terms of drawing space? let me know what your opinions are.

Yeah 4x5 is fine, I use to have one. You don’t really need a giant tablet as it calls for giant strokes. Yeah smaller tablets are perfect for cging art.

what are the good name brands? i’m looking to get one too, but freakin expensive, i want a 6x8, but i think i’m gonna have to settle with the small 4x5, what’s a good price for that size? anyone know, i really want one :frowning: ok time to pull all nighters to finish all my finals…:frowning:

heh i’ve searched around…and wacom is apparently the brand to get. retails for around $100, but you can find it for $80 + ship if you really try. and yeah i had misgivings about getting the 4x5 as opposed to the 6x8, but the 6x8 one is funkin’ expensive to hell, and i just plan on using the pad for cging and stuff so 4x5 should be ok.

SFMC: thanks for your opinion. your work is the bomb and if a 4x5 was good enough for you then by freakin’ golly it should be damn well good enough for me.

sfmc hooked it up for me with a graphire2 for $30!!!:eek:

too bad I haven’t used it though…

You better do my tablet right man. Why haven’t you used it yet? I even told you some studio tricks and you don’t even use it. Thang nay dung di! dung tablet di!

Damn u Dreaded Fist!!! u didn’t even touch it yet…aiya
I would of payed $50 :stuck_out_tongue: but o well. I’ve tried ebay but these damn bastards keep beating me at the last second. I seriously hate it when they beat u by 25 cents/$1. That sure sucks balls.
Anyone else wanna sell a tablet? :stuck_out_tongue:

shadow, try price grabber.
Sorry SFMC but I can’t find the juice to make art as of late. Like in recent months, well… more like recent year.

but diont worry Vlady! I think i might have something cracking up by listening to “the lonely shepherd” a lot.

cool, i’m gonna have to save up some money, for it, ohh i forgot about my income taxes…but i don’t get much back this year…oh well, yeah that really sucks ass when someone out bids u by like 50 cents, :bluu:

i can understand a bit of that thai :smiley: are u really thai sfmc? i’m laotian, and the language is kinda similar