What kind of USB connector is on XBOX TE Stick?

I was at WNF the other day and I somehow lost the USB to the end of my stick…I’ve been looking everywhere for the type of USB it is, but I can’t seem to find it.

Here is what it looks like

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/263/usbxj.jpg/ (embed doesn’t work for some reason)

Anybody help? I want to go back next week but this is such a hassle to deal with



that’s a custom quick disconnect. same type that was used on the original Xbox(only difference is that the XBOX was a totally custom USB connector while the 360 uses a standard USB connector after the QD)

It’s the Microsoft standard disconnect. It’s a proprietary quick release to prevent you from tripping over a cable and pulling your XBox off a table/shelf/etc. Microsoft requires that all wired peripheral manufacturers use it on their devices in order to get Microsoft’s seal of approval/license/the ability to work properly with the 360. You may be able to find them locally at a games retailer, but you’re probably better off (read: it’ll be way cheaper) finding one on Amazon (like this one). There are other ones that are black there, I think, I just chose the first one on the list. Good luck!

Buy one from Jamesepoop for $5 shipped:

Chances are if you were at WNF you might live close (enough) to him to pick up

I have dozens of those things all the 360 pads I’ve hacked I’ll give them to you

A local gamestop employee told me they give them away, I don’t know if that’s true everywhere though, but it could be worth a try.