What kind of wire do you need for modding a stick?

I’m a complete noob about to do his first project, and I’m just making a list of stuff I need to pick up from Radio Shack tomorrow. I’m planning on converting a Dreamcast joystick to work with Xbox 360, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I have a soldering iron, and I’m planning on buying a desoldering tool and (rosin-core?) solder. What do I need to ask for in terms of wire? Even if the stick will already have what I need inside, I’d like to know what kind of wire is used in case I screw something up badly. I’d also like to know what you need to make a controller cord–the thicker wire that connects the Xbox to the joystick.

Sorry for all these newbie questions! It seems like a lot of stuff gets skipped in the tutorials because “everyone already knows that.”

From: http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html

“For PCBs and devices, 20-26 AWG (I have come to like solid 24 AWG most) insulated wire has an appropriate thickness, works well with crimping (especially for .110” connection and chaining), and fits into a PCB well. 18 AWG wire is too large and rigid, and 28 AWG is often too fragile. Color-coded connectors for 18-22 AWG wire will be red and not blue or yellow; 24 AWG wire and folded 26 AWG wire works for red connectors as well, but do have very small connectors coded yellow for them. "

you can use 0,2 mm - 0,7mm wire. i used 0,35mm for my padhack. had no problems.

all this information is in the noob threads… i have noticed its only 09 members that are answering only because the long time members are sick of posts like these.


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