What kind of wires?


just wondering what kind of wires do you use to connect the buttons to the pcb when building your own stick? Noob to this.


20-26 gauge will work.

I find that 26 is way too thin and use 22 for durability. There’s also some brands out there that have wires “pre-tinned” personally i love working with those, try to find some if you can.


I found that the 22 solid core was the best one for me, make sure you get a hot glue gun!


22 or 24 gauge stranded works for me.


^^ Listen to the Captain! 22 to 24 AWG Stranded.


How about 18 gauge?


Smaller gauge = thicker wire

Thicker wires = more heat to get solder on

More heat = BAD for PCB’s delicate solder pads (pads burnt off, peel off, PCB melting etc…)

There, summarized. Generally speaking, 24 gauge STRANDED is about the right size for any PCB hacks or Joystick wiring.

PS: If you talk about 18 gauge shotgun, then its all good :lol:


Ok, but I’m going to be using a board by Toodles so soldering is not a problem. But I will follow you guys’ advice anyway. Too bad I have already bought a roll of 18…oh well back to the store!