What kinda buttons can be used on Hori EX2 Stick?

any1 know what kinda buttons i can use on the hori ex2 stick? my main problem is that 1 of the buttons kept gettin jammed so i took it out (with plyers not a good idea) and i need the same button that i took out cuz its all ripped up or a new button to switch it with so im wondering what kinda button i need and the thing is that its its own type of pcb and not wired (im guessing snap in but could be wrong) PLEASE HELP Thanx

hori,sanwa or seimitsu snap in maybe screw in but im not too sure

If you’re going to use the same PCB that came with the EX2 then…

  • Buy 6 or 8 Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons(Other buttons you can use but I highly recommend this due to its perfect snap-in fit)
  • Cut yourself 12 or 16 1 inch wires
  • Shave or bend in the two tab looking things on each button hole
  • Solder every wire on each prong of the buttons
  • Use the other end of the wire already soldered to the buttons to solder back to the PCB.

yea im planning on using the same pcb and i cant just buy 1 button or i guess that wouldnt work since its gonna be differ from the toher 5 ill be using.

From reading the EX2 guide, the OBSF-30s fit, but you need to file down each hole a bit.

you should also widen the holes away from the center of all six buttons about 1 mm. they are spaced tight.