What kinds of SRK gear are you interested in?


Hi guys,

In the near future we will be producing an official line of SRK gear and apparel. We will definitely do a series of shirts, but can also do caps, sweatshirts, or anything else that people are really interested in owning. Your feedback will help us decide which products to feature in our store. Please vote only for items that you would actually buy.

If you have any other ideas for SRK branded gear, feel free to post them in this thread!


A fitted cap w/ a white SRK hoodie seems nice.


Voted jacket, but I’d like to see both jackets and hoodies.


Definitely a hoodie, if they come in different colors like Blue/Gray/Black/White that’d be even better B…


I voted for all of them…but hoodies and fitted caps are up there.


Definitely a zip-up hoodie, for me. Voted Knitted Caps and Shirts, as well.

Can’t wait for this, when is it supposed to be available?


Well, I like hoodies.


Be a winner. Go with the fleece.


Baseball trucker hats with the SRK logo, that would be godlike.


I can never have enough beanies.

Having the option to put your SRK Handle on clothing would be great too.

Besides that, I’d like to see:

  • SRK Stick Bag

  • Scarfs

  • DVD’s of documentaries, tutorials and/or EVO highlights.

EDIT: Oh shit, a patch would be great.


lots of caps and hoodies


I want a bad ass patch.


Voted beenie and fleece jacket since they’d pretty much be wearable all year round, although I think some kind of necklace or dog tag would be pretty cool too.

Of course I could only buy if you could ship outside of the US so not sure whether my votes count or not.


Listen to this man.
I voted for a collared shirt, just because I love collared shirts. Backpacks and stuff a la the Stick Sack would also be awesome.


I voted hoodie, but would also like a trucker hat.


SRK branded condoms?

If not SRK boxers would be pretty awesome (and thong for the ladies and those in the gay thread).


Every time you use one and finish, you have to say/scream “HADOKEN!” or else the condom will break.

I voted hoodies and caps, though patches would be boss.


I would like to have a zip up hoodie with SRK on the left of it, and on the back
have :dp::hp: and have Shoryuken.com under it. I would rock that out all winter man.


more SRK stick sacks please and of different sizes to fit smaller sticks such as the namco and Fight sticks


I’m a hat guy, so I voted caps.

Can’t get enough caps, y’know?