What laptop should I buy? Help


my laptop is now about 4 years old and its dead slow. im looking to get a new one. but im not sure which to get. im not good with laptops. i just need a standard laptop for uni essay work, web surfing and making videos. so nothing extra powerful. but the price needs to be good. no Apples, i only use Windows.

do you know any good laptops i can have a look at??


Check out this website: http://forum.notebookreview.com/index.php

I like Asus in general.

But you might wanna ask this in Tech Talk too.

Dad just bought a presario notebook from staples.

Pretty good deal, 2gigs of ram, 160 HD, dual core 1.86 ghz, 15.4 inch screen for $430.


Check that site out. Discount codes for Dell, Hp, etc.

I would def get one built, buying one in staples / office max / so on is typically overpriced.

Just got a 3gb ram, 2ghz dual core, 250gb HD dell for 600 $ with webcam, 15.4’ screen. As a price comparison for you.

I wish I knew about this. 2 gigs of ram? I don’t even have 1 gig on this.

Installing additionally ram is typically very easy and cheap. Need some help?

Do you mean video editing, and if so, are we talking HD stuff (720p/1080p)? If so, you’d probably want to get a boss computer if you want fast results.

If not, then I guess any would probably do. HPs and Toshibas have been good choices for me and my friends.

Dells are great deals and have great customer service, but they feel cheaply made.

Sony Vaios are real nice, but they’re like the Macbooks of the laptop PC world. Expensive and yet does nothing more than an ordinary laptop would do.

Gateways suck. Don’t touch them.

Compaqs have mixed reviews. Some people say they are fine, while others say they suck ass.

For me, I don’t do much on a laptop other than write papers, surf the internet, and perhaps watch youtube videos or even non HD videos. Looking around, I’ve been really eyeing netbooks, especially EePC’s. The problem with those is that the keyboards on those things are crazy cramped and you’d probably have to change the way you type in order to use those things efficiently. I just really like the fact that they are very lightweight and small. I also heard that with the new Atom technology, the battery lasts longer because the processors don’t need as much energy to run.

cool this is all great. thanks a lot. this helps a lot. ill check out those links and see what i find out. thanks.

I know you said you don’t need it for anything extensive but for the people that want the best bang for their buck:


Custom build your desktop or laptop to your hearts content. Yeah, it’s a site for gaming rigs (and if that’s what you want, this site is a godsend) but you can build up the cheaper end PC’s/laptops to suit your needs.

For me, I like DLing torrents while surfing the internet while listening to music while doing some type of shit in photoshop while blah blah blah.

With the laptop rig I picked up from them, this thing is blazing fast and never bogs down from even heavy multitasking.

Yeah. Tell me what to do. I’m new at this.

I heard Mac laptops are better for editing videos, music making, and other artsy stuff. Is this true? If I can get the same reslts with a Windows laptop I’d get that.

I use Macs so MacBook Pro for me.

It all depends on what programs you want to use to do the artsy fartsy stuff. Which ones will you be using?

Shit like Fruity Loops, Reason, stuff like that. Trying to make some music and the average youtube video.

None of the software you just mentioned runs on OSX. :lol: So, no, no reason to go Mac. Mac evangelists will insist that the Mac is a better multimedia platform based on incongruencies 10-15 years ago. In actuality, there is a greater variety of software and hardware available for Windows. It all comes down to personal taste and the stuff you want to run.

sorry buddy, but you’re full of shit, reason runs BEAUTIFULLY on my mac, and fruity loops sucks dick, you wouldn’t want to use that program to make real music anyways.

and sure there are alternatives availible, but there are no programs like Final Cut, Aperature, and Logic, all of which are industry standards and all of which are only on Mac OS.

When i was shopping for a computer i was looking between dell and Apple, i got the same config, in the same price from Apple, plus my apple has out lasted two of my buddy’s pcs, and it hasn’t even been three years yet.

I’m not going to preach or say that everyone needs an Apple, but i’m a very satisfied user, and now that you can install vista or xp i cannot see one reason that i’d want to own a PC ever again.

and to Luigi-Bo have you ever used ableton live? between ableton live, reason and a few pieces of hardware, you could make anything your little mind can dream up electronically. you can even make your own samples in Ableton. Also Mac OS comes with a basic video editor that is extremely easy to use, you could very easily edit stuff for youtube

There’s about two dozen or so posters ready to assist you with your technological needs in the Tech Talk Forum’s Computer help thread. :tup:

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My bad on Reason, but for you to suggest that nobody would want to make real music with fruity means you’re equally full of shit. And Logic? Industry standard? :lol: You do know that Logic started out on Windows, right? Logic’s great, but it’s nowhere near the industry standard you make it out to be.

If you want to talk “industry standard,” you’re mostly talking about Pro Tools, which runs on either platform. The next closest thing to an industry standard in music software are the Cakewalk/Sonar platform (Windows exclusive) and Cubase/Nuendo systems (cross platform). Logic is, at best, a tie. Final Cut is Apple exclusive, but Adobe Premiere is not, and it’s also an industry standard. And any regular person who chooses a Mac specifically for Aperture is a dumbass.

Not to mention that a teenager is talking about hobby shit and you’re tossing around thousand dollar software as advocation of the platform. (Yes, I know there are “express” versions of the software in question that cost around $200. Can you seriously suggest switching computer platforms over some express software?) As I said the first time, it all comes down to personal taste and the stuff you want to run.

Nobody said mac was bad for multimedia purposes. It’s very clearly not. The point was that the reputed superiority of the platform is based on antiquated data.

Also: Windows comes with a video editing program that is very easy to use (not to mention the number of free options available), so that’s also not a reason to switch platforms. I’m glad you’re satisfied with your Apple, and I hope you’re very productive productive with it. I would, however, like to know how you’re getting Apple machines for anywhere close to the price of Dell or other Windows-based laptops. I’m accustomed to seeing PC laptops tops for 20-70% less than their Apple counterparts, spec for spec.

ok i get that, all the harware and software things aside, i just prefer OsX.
Anybody who is considering buying a computer and is looking in the upper end of the consumer scale, i’d recomend checking out both OS’s throuroughly.

and my bad on fruity, when i was fuckin around with that program like 5 years ago, it was fucking crap, just very silly and cheesy sounding. looking at its newer incarnations i can see that its gotten quite a bit more serious.

My assumtion is that luigi-bo will be buying a new comp anyways, its not much of a switch if you’re getting a new comp anyways. Most if not all of the vital software you’d get on a pc is availible for the mac, and as far as day to day useablitly and ease of use, mac os is just so much easier. No viruses and little malware.

As long as you aren’t a serious gamer, theres no reason why you shouldn’t give apple a look, especially if you like to surf porn ha ha ha