What laptop should I buy? Help

i certainly wouldn’t suggest against considering Mac. If I could get a mac for anywhere near the price of a PC, I’d damn sure pick one up and dual boot it, becuase why the hell not? (I’ve actually considered getting a psystar open computer in spite of the lawsuit.) But finance and software options are going to make a difference, and it’s just not advisable to make a purchasing decision based on propoganda. If you already have software in mind to run, pick the best platform for that. (I don’t think audio and video software are virtual machine-friendly. :/)

Wow guys, in the first post the thread creator specifically says no macs. Way to bitch about something that is not even relevant!

I guess you missed the part where another person asked a question.

i can’t do it untill apple refreshes their laptop line-up (due in oct) but generally speaking you can get the same ammount computer from dell, apple, and other builders, it all depends on the software you want to run, sure you can get a cheap PC, but its exactly that, cheap. you can’t really compare a 400 PC to a 1000 apple, they’re just not in the same market at all. not saying that you were talking about cheap pcs, but generally speaking, prices between modern apples and pcs are very similar as far as what you get for what you pay for. there will always be debates, but the myth that apples are more expensive is simply not true

This…is wrong. There’s both an Apple retailer and a Fry’s very close to me. I’ve done this over and over and over again. I’ll take similar components from both and add up the price, the Mac is almost always at least 1.25x or more the price. And don’t even get started on laptops.