What largely played fighting game has the scariest/best top tier for that game?


Largely played as in it has or had a good following in the past, so no obscure games that not many people know about. Also, not any banned characters or prepatch whatevers. Preferably the most recent iteration of the series, but I guess there could be previous games just for the sake of it.

For that game meaning that they are hard to deal with in that specific game regarding the mechanics or whatever. e.g. XvSF Storm would beat ST Rog pretty badly, but that doesn’t mean Rog is less top than Storm.


Msh Wolvie I believe
3rd strike Chun li

Are we talking downright you had to play the character ?
Tekken 4 jin comes to mind along with Steve.

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Versus games win this hands down, both MvC2 and 3 both still have fairly strong followings and have fairly overwhelming top tiers.


Agreed with t4 jin.

But the answer that is probably on most oeoples tongues would be mvc2. The top tier in that game are literally s-tier compared to the rest of the characters that arent considered top… Storm and sent as well as magneto simply make other characters unplayable… Storm though is the biggest factor… Most characters dont have a real answer fr storms runaway.



MvC1 and MvC2 yes, 3 however, especially in Ultimate has arguably more compressed tiers compared to its predecessors.


T3 Ogre > T4 jin


T5 Steve…greater than all.


Ivan Ooze


There are quite a few games with just completely broken characters (T3,T4,T5 have them, along with Smash and MMPowerRangers) but the only game I can think of with a Completely Retarded S-Tier with more then 1 or 2 people is MvC2.


MvC2 is so team based that the tiers character wise dont matter as much

like psylocke sucks but MSP is the gayest team in the game


-Super smash bros brawl: Meta Knight (has at least 7-3 matchups or higher to the entire cast except for the top 5 who he had like 2 6-4 match ups)
-Jojo’s biazze adventure: Petshop
-ST akuma
-2nd impact Ibuki (could punish throw techs with her super combo (ultra 2 from sf4 series) and Sean


No. ( you’d have to include yun and ken sense they can definitely hang with chun ).


Gill shouldn’t count because no one uses him due to being overpowered as fuck


Marvel 3 is incredibly well balanced. Vs. games have so many variables that contribute to balancing than say, Street Fighter, that it should be awarded a little margin of error. Despite that, only Hsien Ko and Phoenix Wright are unquestionably bad. That’s out of 50 characters. I wouldn’t be suprised to see them win a major in the right hands either.

The main problem with MvC3 is the disparity between the character’s learning curves. Nobody likes losing to Dark Wesker but as the game evolves he will be less and less of a factor (unless the opponent knows how to play him, in which case he’s 5th-10th best), sort of like SF4 Balrog. I try to look at this as a compromise to get more pot monsters into the game who might not stick around if the had to actually learn a character.


mvc3 is what, less than 2 years old?

spiral/blackheart/doom/etc were still seeing alot of tournament life at this point in mvc2’s lifespan as well and it looked just as balanced as mvc3 does now


same with ST gouki yet someone said that.


oh didn’t see that this thread is asking for characters who aren’t banned. In that case that would be meta knight or Kabal because they have favorable match ups (6>4 match-ups) or higher against everyone in their cast and dominate tourneys


CE Bison. shivers


I dont think you guys understand DOMINATE characters, Smash series and banned characters dont count. Off the top of my ehad again

3S chun li ( Seriously Only person who stood up to her was Yun, Check past Evos… )
t3 Ogre
t4 Jin
mvc2 IMO BEST is Storm, she fits ALL the top teams so well, Shes On fucking MSP for gods sake
CVS2 A groove, Technically not a character but there was a time when You HAD to play A groove, and a capcom charge character
wasnt Eddie broken as shit in GG? Im not to familiar with that game so dont quote me on it
Pokemon Stealth rock ( lol jokes )

A lot of the older games were VERY broken be glad the new ones allow you to pick more then 10% of the cast LOL


Chun li is the best in my eyes, however i’ve heard some good players say they felt yun was the best ( a few arcadia tier lists said yun chun was 6-4 for yun) . I consider anyone with a 6-4 ( 6-4 in 3s isn’t really that bad ) match up to be able to stand up to chun. ( yun ( i say 6-4 Chun or 5-5), ken, makoto, dudley, akuma, and yang) Anybody lower than that she “dominates”. Either way yun is normally just a point or two behind her, which is why i said chun, yun, ken. ( since they’re the “top 3”, and normally grouped together. Ken is interchangeable with makoto, but she lacks consistency. ) Evo is great and all, but sbo is where it’s at for 3s honestly. This is a somewhat opinionated topic however, and she does qualify for that spot the best.