What layout do you use for your fight stick?


I just got a fight stick and I wanted to see what layouts people use


For this game, most people use:

S A1 A2


I tried this layout for a while for easier plink dashing, but I couldn’t get used to using my pinky for assists:

L M H A1
S L+M H A2


I prefer

L M A1
S H A2

Last two buttons not used


This unless I’m screwing with Magneto or MODOK in which case I add L+M to the button to the right of H.


M H A1
L S A2

The most comfortable for me.


Cool, thanks


S A1 A2 none


l+m+h L M a1
H S A2

im weird i know


L M H (off)
S A1 A2 (off)

Standard layout for me since vanilla MvC3 dropped. I could never use the Marvel 2 style. I just felt confusing for this game. I’ve gotten plink dashes down with H > M+L but I turned off the side buttons due to having hit them randomly in the past.


How does that set up work for you? Do you also have a different button layout than the normal Vewlix layout (Astro, American SF straight, Japanese Arcade, Hori, etc)?


L H A1 (not used)
M S A2 (not used)
I still use the zig-zag combo style from the older games. (MSH, XMvSF, MvC2)