What lead to :df: :hk:?



Hi all,

What’s the combos that lead to a :df: :hk: ?
It seems to be character specific / hitbox specific but I can’t find any post about this. All I find is combo vids with it, not helping much.


I’m going to go ahead and be not-that-helpful since I’ve been trying to figure this out myself…
Just generally, the start-up is very slow so the only way you’re going to combo into a GHK is:

  1. after landing a jumping fierce or roundhouse
  2. In the corner after throwing a light (maybe medium?) sonic boom where the distance is just far enough that the boom needs to travel a bit (giving time for for GHK to come out, but not so far that the boom does not combo from the canceled normal
  3. Mid-screen immediately after a sonic boom FADC forward
  4. Focus crumple

As for actual specific combos, it seems I’ve never been able one down to 100% consistency as it seems really character dependent and even when it works sometimes the hit-reeling animation will vary from time to time and it will not always connect.

You can try this. Have the opponent near to the corner where your next hit would push them completely into the corner, then from point blank:
Upside-Down Kick > c.mp > lp sonic boom > GHK


will try that thanks.
Fa lvl 3 dash GUK is also very char dependent it seems. big hitbox chars prolly.
I tryed against gouken in corner, j.HK deep cl.s.HP xx lp boom, GUK. It connect randomely and not very often for me. When it does it’s about 400ish damage with the followed FK.

Only 2 days training Guile it’s a lot of fun, and a lot of respect to those who know how to play him.
Its time to figure out what combo he can do on crouchers. That’s a big deal to do damage compared to my main.


There is actually a way to land GHK consistently in a combo. Mostly off a FADC sonic boom from midscreen but in the corner (depending on your opponent) Meter usage is not needed. Here’s a video that I put together that shows a corner combo with GHK > HK Flashkick.


In my opinion, it comes down to how late you cancel your sonic boom. Let’s use Abel as an example. A simple corner crumple combo against Abel would be Upside Down Kick > St.hp xx Sonic Boom > Backhand. That’ll net you some good meterless damage (somewhere in the 300’s). But you can modify that same combo by delaying the sonic boom cancel and do…Upside Down Kick > St.hp xx delayed cancel lp Sonic Boom > GHK > HK Flashkick and get more damage out of it (close to 400 dmg).

In conclusion, slightly delaying your sonic boom cancels opens up new doors. Personally, I call it DCC (Delayed Charge Cancelling).


I got ya. I felt this leniency in cancels yesterday. I always rush my inputs when I test something new thinking it’s prolly complicated much harder than it is.
Training time.


I’m actually putting together a short list of combos with high damage output. I’ll post it up when I’m done. It’s basically involving meterless to two meters. Of course I’ll definitely point out the character size specifics as well. Lastly, execution level is intermediate to high.


these meterless combos with lp booms are so freacking epic. You lucky guys. Only Dan have such fireball combos without fadc I think.
I only succeed with cr:lp: xx lp boom, and maybe st.:mp: xx lp boom to connect another cr:lp: or cr:mp:
I think it’s only possible to hitconfirm with lp considering the pushback the other normals do. But damn avoid chaining them is hard.


Hm. I’ve never had to delay my booms to get GHK to work in the corner. Then again, the timing is always a little bit tricky. I will try this and see if it helps.

Also shab, take a look at the matchup thread. All of the character specific GHK in corner stuff is in there in relation to UDK combos.

I only use crumple > GHK on a couple characters. Namely gief, hawk, and gouken since it hits really easy on them and they don’t have midscreen followups to the standard UDK bnb.


Oh also, lately I have been punishing moves like blanka’s up ball and DPs with df.hk > df.hk > EX flashkick. Great damage for 1 meter (I think just shy of 300). This only works if you hit them while they are still in the air though and you need to be right under them. It’s great against blanka’s up ball in particular since he recovers so fast once he actually reaches the ground.


Ok my bad, this corner j.hk UDK wasn’t as impossible. I just for odd reason didn’t use plink. Now it’s wayyyy better. Hit the j.hk deep and it’s a 99% on Gouken anywhere.