What live performances do you like better than the studio versions


Most of the time people say bands / groups suck live and that studio version is always better, but I think there are exceptions to this rule





MTV Unplugged for the following…

Alice in Chains

Beastie Boys concert I went to.


I think most bands sound better live because that’s what they really sound like. Studio stuff isn’t really them, it’s them put through a filter.


Yeah…live performances really show who has musical talent IMO.
But I think most of today’s artists sound horrible live.


Most of today’s artists sound horrible on the album to. :coffee:
You can’t fix what doesn’t work right to begin with.


To me it’s two different things. Given the choice I’d never go to a live concert because I’d rather have something that I can listen to anytime I want. A live performance is just a twist on what I hear on the album. Truth is if someone isn’t good live then they suck ass. Any artist that’s only good in studio is trash.


Pretty much any strictly acoustic music I prefer live over studio.


You have it backwards. The Album is a twist on what you hear when they play live.

And I got tons of live albums I can listen to whenever i like.


Actually no I don’t have it backwards. I’ve never heard anything performed live before hearing it at home.



His tickets may be pricey, but goddamn does he put on a show.


Had exactly this in mind when I saw the thread title.

Ton of other shit too though. As to the live/studio twist thing, goes both ways, case by case, person by person.


You can easily hear a live album before a studio one if you chose to. That also doesn’t invalidate live albums you can listen to whenever.


I used to be one of the people who thought live performances suck. Some times they do, but in many cases the artist performs with so much more passion. Their nerves are different when surrounded by people and their true vigor is shown.

This song is weak as hell on the album. Its almost monotone, but he brings it in this live show.



I like that song. allow me… >:


Went to this exact concert in the video, and 8 other concerts by them. Slipknot puts on some of the most bat shit fucking crazy concerts. Corey Taylor knows how to get the crowd involved with the music, and he’s just as pumped as all the fans are. I almost get knocked the fuck out every time they do the crazy test.

When he tells the entire stage of thousands of people to shut the fuck up, they shut the fuck up.




at the 2:16 mark. Method Man and Redman know how to put on a show. They did this at E3 in 2010 for Def Jam Rap Star. Lower the volume down since I was in the front and the bass was way too loud. Method Man stage dived off the crowd and when we put him back on stage my friend fell over the speaker (not in the video).


Nirvana live on Unplugged is by far my favourite album of theirs, although obviously opinions differ.





The sickest live shows I’ve seen personally are Otep, Tool, Slipknot, the Mars Volta, Black Dhalia Murder, and Immortal Technique, not counting the bands of personal friends. I used to write for bands and perform live, myself. I am a veteran of Los Angeles ‘Murderfest.’ The days of dreadlocks and septum rings are long behind me now. I was the only ethnic minority that my racist musician friends accepted. And boy, were they some fucked up homeboys. They had the cleanest meth in all of L.A. so it didn’t matter at the time. Har. Har.

I don’t really attend live events for the music. I go to catch the Holy Ghost.


Rammstein songs are made to be experienced live.


This is also the only version of this song as far as most are concerned