What made brawl bad?

is it the slipping, no hit stuns, slow and bit casual ( well actually a lot casual ) or is it just something personal

For me, it is the fact that the degree of control that I have over my character is not as good as I expected it to be, especially in the air. I get used to it after a few games, but I just can’t move like I did in Melee. The jumps are floatier and have more startup, and mid-air movement is slower and less responsive. That’s the big offender in my book, even more so than tripping.

I still like Brawl and play it whenever the opportunity presents itself. I think it’s a great game, but it’s not perfect. What game is, right?

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Lack of hit stun
Competitive wise TOs and SWF had too much of an influence on what was “banned” and what wasn’t.

Stage choice, Banned Characters, stalling, 8 minutes a game, best of 3 sets, 3 stock.

Put it all together and you have 25 minute sets. 10+ hour 50 man tournaments for a single game.


lol why is this a thread?

Tripping, no hitstun, ridiculous amount of floaty-ness, chain grabs

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tripping, but i think my biggest problem is the lack of hitstun. the game became a slugfest where the person who got hit just does an attack right back, and usually fares better because they can use basically anything they want. Melee encouraged aggressive play, Brawl flat out destroyed any chance at it.

It has Mario.

Tripping and the ridiculous amount of restrictions.

I’m sorry I’m not a hardcore fan, so what the hell is this?

For me, the game’s just way too darn defensive. Every time I try to do something aggressive I get punished for it. Without hit-stun, getting punished means eating a single hit, then you’re back at neutral again. The game’s just boring the way it’s played competitively. It’s more fun with items on and just having a good time. Never mind the fact that tournaments for the game take forever and a half to finish. My friends took me to one once and I honestly hated the experience. Multiple characters banned and only FD was allowed to be played on. Brawl obviously wasn’t made to be competitive, so I don’t know why people keep trying to shoehorn it into a tournament-level fighting game.

Brawl is bad because it basically took an arguably competitive game and made it simple and stupid. It’s like this, imagine SF4 if links were not possible. add to that the fact that the game is riddled with dumbshit (items, half the stages are unplayable, some characters die at 45% health) it’s just a game for super casuals and posers who don’t want to take the time to learn how hitstun works.

Pretty much this. Sure, no MK is okay, but any other bans are out of order. If they banned Snake/Diddy/Olimar or any other top tiers then that would be just plain stupid.
And you’d think comp Brawl players would get sick of FD and Battlefield all the time. It’d be better if they gave Yoshi’s Island, Skyworld or even Halberd a chance. But of course they won’t, it has moving and breakable platforms! And stage hazards that even a 5 year old could dodge! Blasphemy!

Lack of tripping and hitstun aside, Brawl has several mechanics that are just plain bad. The new stale move proration feels like it’s part of a whole series of decisions centered around a core belief that a player should not be rewarded for hitting their opponent, which is so mind-bogglingly backwards I’m surprised no one stopped for a second and asked Sakurai what the fuck he was thinking. Other decisions along these lines include knockback reduction tactics, improved air control and lower fall-speed across the board removing any real punishment for getting knocked offstage. Even then, removal of non-tumble DI (basically, if a move can’t cause knockdown, you can’t DI it), and fucked up landing detection undermine that core belief, but in a way that is wholly unappealing, leading to DDD and Falco’s chaingrabs, Sheik’s ftilt loops, and any number of loops that are not just boring, but tremendously imbalanced in a game with no other way to link moves together for characters who lack these tools.

Even competitive players would probably count this as a scrub tourney. It’s hard enough to convince Brawl players MK ought to be banned. There’s really no one arguing any other characters need to be banned. Not to mention, FD is a terribly unbalanced stage. Any tourney that only allows FD is definitely a scrub tourney.

A picture is worth a thousand words and all that shit:

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The fanbase.

And after reading that article in specs sig, tripping.