What made you pick up Dan?



What game did you first use Dan? What did you think of Dan at first sight?

I chose to pick up Dan due to how he is. A joker. I first started using him SF4 Vanilla. He taunts and Dan kicks are simply amazing :3.


I really like the way he plays and his pressure, wish he was viable, but he’s not


Well he is supposed to be a joke character…


I played him since Alpha 1, my first impression was like “Nice pony tail”


I first picked Dan in SFZ2 or 3, not sure. 3 reasons:

  • Sweet pink gi
  • I giggled every time a gadoken came out
  • Dan kicks. They just looked and felt awesome.


SSF4 AE 2012, his thumbs up pose. :smiley: and the pink just adds to the fun.


I felt I needed a Shoto character. Ryu and Ken was too common, Akuma was squishy and alomst no one uses Dan so I picked him up. Most people tend to underestimate you when using Dan