What makes a character a high damage one?

Does it mean they can perform high damaging combos or high damaging specials/normals or what? Also can I have some examples of characters that are considered to do high damage?

Edit: Talking about SSFIV AE.

…What game are you talking about? A high-damage character in SFIV is very different from a high-damage character in UMvC3.

A high damage character is someone that deals high damage. Whether that’s because he runs 50 hit combos or because his SRK deals 300 damage is irrelevant.
Some people add “has a reliable way to land said damage” but I don’t think that should be part of the definition.
If you only deal high damage at a very specific point (eg very damaging pokes but no combos/punishes), you can just say “highly damaging pokes”.

Would help to know what you need to know that for, so I could post something less stupid than “a high damage hero is someone that deals high damage”.

A friend and I were arguing whether Hakan does high damage or not, so to get anywhere we needed to know what makes a character considered a high damaging one.

By comparing average damage, max damage and the difficulty of dishing out that damage you’ll know wich character is a high damage character. Example:
Evil Ryu, Sakura and Cody can deal around 350 damage from any jump in without meter, Chun li and Rose deal about 250 damage in a similar situation.

Some characters need meter, ultra and/or the corner to deal a lot of damage. The more they’re dependend on these variables and the harder it is to set up the right situation, the more they are considered low damage characters. Just look at the difference between Makoto and Dictator. Both have shitty damage without meter, but Makoto can turn her meter into combos that are much more damaging.

Yes. As being able to do high-damage moves reuslts in high damaging combos. Obvious answer is obvious.

Not if your ability to combo is extremely limited compared to a character with more average damage but greater combo ability.

High damage is high damage, regardless of whether or not it’s with a few hits, or with several hits.

You can tell your friend that Hakan is not a high damage character. I would say viper, honda, fei long, abel, evil ryu, cody, and dudley are some of the highest damaging characters in the game. But like people have mentioned it depends on the scenario, i.e what started the combo, amount of meter, etc. Also, I am defining a “high damage” character as one that can take off a quarter to a half of a life bar in one continuous string.

i think a high damage character can be determined by the characters normal moves. i belive that because thats their base damage.

Because in vanilla MvC3 Haggar was a high damage character, since his hits had higher average damage… Oh wait…