What Makes a Fighting Game good?


I’ve noticed a lot of argument since I started playing fighting games more seriously concerning certain games being either great or utter failures. For example, Blazblue to me, is a great game and most people I play it with also enjoy it. Yet many people from what I hear dislike Blazblue.

So I guess what I’m asking is "Are these arguments about the quality of these games simply bias opinions based on some nostalgic sentiment (comparing BBCT to Guilty Gear, or TVC to the MvC2)? Or are there certain elements these games lack that keep many people from taking them seriously?

Finally: In an ideal competative fighting game, what are some things you look for?





SSF4: Guy (Main), Vega, Juri, Seth,
BBCS: Hakumen/ Hazama
MVC2: Working on it. Having higher hope form MvC3 though, looks to be more my pace.


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It’s hard to answer the question since everyone has different tastes, but generally speaking- The game should promote offensive play and reward it.

For example in TVC if you are fighting a team of whatever and tekkaman, and he is sitting on 4 bars, he can burst out of your combo, then start a super, then dhc into tekkaman’s laser super which is guaranteed to hit and do like 40% damage.
So you get punished for hitting the opponent, which is bad design.


A good fighting game allows for a good representation of a wide range of skill levels. Win rate should be directly proportional to skill level in a good fighting game.

Balance is also good, but there are many banana munching apes who would disagree.


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No the game shouldn’t promote offense universally. Offense is only one skill and finding offense more entertaining than defense is only an opinion. I’ll always find Guile or Sagat dittos more entertaining than Vega or Bison dittos. The game should promote both offense and defensive play. Both are equally important and equally skilled. I don’t even know what takki is talking about, TvC is a very offensive game, and you can punish a burst attempt.

Basically what DHE said makes a fighting game a good competitive game.


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No, I’m not. I play Guilty Gear mainly. I fail to see what in my post would point to that at all. Unless you are pointing to the TvC reference, in which case I don’t like TvC, it feels awkward and clunky to me, however I know enough about the game to know that what Takki said was untrue. I know you can predict and punish a burst, and from what I saw at Evo the game was very offensive aside from a few players and Giant matches.


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Ok well thread is not locked so I guess I did something right. I didn’t know that about TvC but one of my main questions revolves around the widespread criticism of Blazblue and SNK titles. For example Marn was quoted on the Capcom Unity stream calling both BB and KoF “bad” games. Is there really some merit to that statement, seeing as BB didn’t make Evo 2010 in either of its iterations.




They’re mainstays in SBO, so no there is no merit to the statement. It’s all relative. In America BBCS and KOF games struggle, in other parts of the world they thrive. I personally don’t think there are very many bad fighting games, just ones that don’t get played as much for the public’s own individual reasons.

BBCS is a fine, people like to harp on its problems but those same people had to learn it to discover those issues (at least I hope they did, and aren’t just talking out of their asses) and still play it.


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