What makes a good point character?

I understand a lot of us new Mahvel players are looking to straddle a line between fun characters and a semi-competitive team without going to the god tier for the answer. (Please keep in mind that this game is 10 years old and the majority of us are really just trying to have fun with the game)

I know a good team means starting with a good point character. I’ve decided that In order to build a functional team, I’ve got to choose a point and go from there. So far, my point has been Guile. The main reason is because I seem to survive with him the best. I can set up a few combos into supers etc etc… I’ve seen many guys using guile, but not starting with him. I’m assuming this is because A: He doesn’t build meter too fast, or B: there are just better options.

So the question for you more seasoned players is, What makes a good point character?

Edit: Also, I just want add that I could be COMPLETELY wrong about my observations. Feel free to let me know if that’s the case.

Useful Supers
Ability to zone
Having 8-way airdash
Having some unblockable move
Ability to fly
Able to chip with normals

So mag and storm. Thanks for the useful post. /sarcasm

Maybe I should reiterate. I’m looking to sort of help out the people who just picked this game up. (myself included)

It would be nice to cite examples of decent point characters, and maybe just a sentence about why they are. We all know the god tiers so don’t waste time on them.

Please remember too that the more help you give, the sooner you will have new able bodied warriors to fight against and learn from.

Mag and Storm don’t have vitality, so it’s a trade-off there.

I think the reason Guile doesn’t make a great point is because, a] what’s he really going to do with 1 bar?, and b] his assist is very good, so he’s often better-spent in a reserve spot. That’s just my opinion, but if you worked at it, you might be able to make Guile a viable point. I have faith in the potential of pretty much every character in the game, so I’m sure it can be done.

I’ll list some important things here and then I’ll point out what Guile has and doesn’t have to get you thinking about what makes a good point.

1] Mobility (air dash, double/triple jump, flight, teleport, crawl/slide/roll, ghetto air dash, float or drop etc)
2] Mixup potential (pretty much tied in to Mobility)
3] Ability to zone / safely cover zoning assists
4] Useful supers / DHCs
5] Reliable guard-breaks
6] 1-hit kill / vortex-mode

So in terms of mobility, Guile is in the lower echelon of options. He can dash, jump, and super-jump as per normal. Other than that, all he has is the ability to stall or stutter his jumps/sj’s with the air Flash Kick. This can help create some new angles with him, and is better than nothing, but at the end of the day it’s not like he has all that much mobility. He also has that air super, which on whiff can be used as an air dash. Luckily he does make up for it a bit with his high-priority normals. The launcher is particularly good.

I don’t know that much about Guile, but in terms of mixups, its safe to say he’s not top dog by any stretch. As far as resets, he doesn’t have any combos worth breaking to try for more damage so you should probably concentrate on getting a hit and finishing combos.

His zoning is pretty good, depending on what assists you run. Sonic boom is probably pretty safe, but if you get to random with Flash Kicks its punishable.

His qcf+PP lacks range and isn’t safe on block. All it takes is a push-block and he’s dead. Qcb+KK isn’t bad, but because of the fact that it launches them sky-high, its hard to DHC and still get some good life off the super.

Not sure about guard breaks, maybe something like call an assist, SJ Flash at low height, assist hits, falling FP, launch, AC. Pretty standard stuff, nothing broken.

Definitely doesn’t have 1-hit kill or anything close to it.

I can respect that you want to learn low tier stuff since it is more fun. The real trick is to learn the way the game works. Low tier at a high level really just boils down to gimmicks. 1 or 2 of them isn’t gonna beat a good player, but if you can build up a library of strange tools, you’re in business. I know that sounds esoteric and unclear, but it’s impossible to go into specifics unless you’ve spent a lot of time with the bum characters.

Thing is your post is kinda loaded in that the REASON god tier character are considered so good… is BECAUSE they are the best on point… thats why characters that are merely ok but have a great assist… are only top tier…

If you want to be competative with people who use god tier… whithout using any gt characters… thats just not gonna happen… why not look at some of the higher ranked yet non-god tier character like ironman, spiral, tron… I hate using only god tiers also… but even if I’m mixing it up… its normally gonna be like 2 god tiers and an assist, 1 god, 1 top, and an assist… or 2 top, 1 mid that is also good assist… you need a certain about of badassery on your team to be competative… thats just how it is.

Or you can be VDO.

If you’ve got fundamentals and smarts out the ass, you can win. Funny thing is, VDO just kept on playing Rogue and Ken until they BECAME top tier.

Truthfully, I don’t care much about being competitive in this game, especially with/against god tier. I though maybe a thread like this with some decent info would be more useful for noobs than just "

Thanks for the help with Guile. Before, I didn’t know if it was my skill with him, or the actual character that sucks.

Watching VDO at FRXII made me want to get into MvC2 :angel:

So I don’t clutter the forum with useless topics, would Ruby Heart make a good point character? I really like how she plays so far - Sublimation is strong, her sweep has great range, her supers are pretty good.

Ruby Heart

1] Mobility: Average without meter. With meter, her big orange ball super can be used to move around and punish various things (it has 1 frame start up). Her regular blue ball move can be used to move around too but it’s very unsafe.
2] Mixup potential: Below average. She’s more of a zoning character.
3] Ability to zone / safely cover zoning assists: Above average. Standing fierce, cr. roundhouse, sublimation are all excellent zoning moves. J. Roundhouse is great for building meter.
4] Useful supers / DHCs: Above average. Big orange ball is a great super and can punish a lot of things due to its 1 frame start up. Ghost super can be used to safely DHC in the next character.
5] Reliable guard-breaks: Not sure but she probably has a few. I believe, j. jab, orange ball super works.
6] 1-hit kill / vortex-mode: Below average. With Ruby you want to lock your opponent in the corner and chip them to death wtih sublimations and punish their mistakes.

Hey man I just answered your question straight up. Those are the things that make for a good point character.

If you had made post #3 your first post, then I could have been more detailed.

MvC2 is a team-oriented game, so a point character is only as good as the assists that are helping him out. For example Strider paired w/Doom is waaaaaay better than Strider paired with Jill heal assist. In that respect, Megaman is a great point character w/Sent drones, but terrrrrible with ryu projectile.

It’s just too hard to answer your generic question (and other newbie questions like - “give me tips on how to rushdown”) unless you get more specific. Imagine SRK in 2002 when instead of the 24 character-specific forums for SFIV, you’ve got 56 for each MVC2 character. That’s how much info there was to learn about this game back then, so sorry if my post wasn’t sufficient for you, but you gotta start somewhere.


I think that’s a good breakdown of Ruby. Only thing I would add is that mobility bumps up a notch when you factor in the taunt glitch with the qcf+P special. It’s kinda nexter-level and needs to be ironed out, but it lets her get around a little better.

About Guile, I just need to ask you one thing. Why start with Guile when you can start with another character and have Guile’s great AAA back you up?

Some characters are better off backing up other character than getting backed up like JasonC has stated

I also noticed that most new players keep stating that they don’t wanna be competitive in the game… I know people want good teams, but why bother that much with team dynamics if that’s the case?

Most of the replies are gonna revolve around mobility.
Basically you can look at it another way - team wise - look at the strengths of the best characters and think about what your team can do vs (some of) them.

eg Can it stop runaway? What can you do vs tri jumps/rushdown? can you stop storm doing feirces - then calling drones and Hailing? Can you stop cable doing gun and assist, throw grenade/ psymitar loops?
Can you punish assists? can you keep your opponent in the corner? (BH with Doom rocks comes to mind) Can you guard break? Can you do damage when you hit a sj’ing opponent?

There’s always things your team / point character won’t be able to do - there are alot of teams good vs sent that do awful vs cable.
That’s always the trade off when you play mid tier characters

Ruby - adding stuff - nj and sj blue ball sucks ass - due to the fact you can’t cancel into her ball super. The ground versions are good - good for resets, good for pushing the opponent into the corner as well.

disgruntled goa
6] 1-hit kill / vortex-mode: Below average.

I disagree (if your refering to damage output - but without meter … then yeah she’s limited)

She can kill with 2 or 3 meters with IM
Thanos / Ruby / IM
2 levels = death

Ruby / IM / sent - Very dangerous with meter.
She can also do Ghost XX Hyperschw’ - tag combo with IM - jump and call assist if you haven’t used it - Mitsu style.
Ruby / HUlk has a pure 100% - 2 levels
Ruby /Tron’s damage output is great too.
Ruby / Doom - Hyperscw’ f, u, uf, b xx Photon array gives Doom an easy otg - near the corner that’s a free set up fro his Corner INf - and its alot easier to do with an otg starter.

She can also reset well from her ball super - Ten was wayyy ahead of his time.

Ken probably isn’t a good point either, is he? If he is I have no idea how to compliment them with someone else…

I’ve been going Ken/Cable/Sentinel, IM/Ken/Blackheart, Gambit/Akuma/Doom and a mix of the three… Everyone says Spiderman sucks but I can hit his combos the easiest…

I am trying to come up with ‘my own’ strategy, and not really pick the guys everyone else uses, although at the same time, If I’m going to use Ken, Gambit or Akuma, they need big help…

I wish getting help wasn’t so hard…

Ken is decent point with your sent assist. Use ken’s roll to mix up your opponent (roll through while calling sent drones on meaty to force your opponent to block the other way; then later on instead of roll just dash - they look the same!) and make sure you air combo into ken’s hurricane kick for the damage.

Ken’s shoryureppa goes through a lotta stuff and moves pretty fast horizontally so learn what it can and can’t go through. Like Sent’s super for instance.

I see what you are saying and will take it into consideration when playing.

So Ken and Sent are a good pairing, apparently?

Who would best go with them, then?

Gambit? Akuma? Cable? I’d feel sort of cheap using Cable AND Sentinel…

Nothing wrong with cable and sentinel on the same team lol.

I like Gambit too. If you got gambit on point w/Ken and Sent assists, you can play a decent zoning game with kinetic cards/drones and either one of ken’s good assists. If you catch someone with the hurricane kick assist, you can combo with a HP kinetic card, LP kinetic card, royal flush which looks nice and fancy. Call drones to cover your cajun strikes and use lp cajun slash as a quick punisher.

Ken is a good character, but he’s a little limited as an assist.

His hurricane assist has a lot of options to combo off of, but it doesn’t do great damage and its trajectory is easy for opponents to evade if they know it’s coming.

His anti-air assist, on the other hand, is arguably the best AA in the game on its own. However it’s nearly impossible to combo off of and you can’t integrate it into combos like you can commando’s and cyclops’ anti airs. All the same, it has wicked invincibility and can get you out of trouble if you’re being rushed down, especially against Sent.

If you feel cheap going with cable (no reason you should, though) I’d choose Gambit over Akuma. Akuma has a lot going for him but he takes damage like a kitten. Especially as an assist, he’s toast if your opponent gets in a few good combos on him. Plus there aren’t enough Gambit players.

thank you for all your help and advice everyone. expect to see me on these boards alot…

It seems as if I’ll use Ken/Cable/Sentinel when I mean business but I’ll be training and practicing Gambit/Ken/Sentinel… Ruling out Akuma

unless I put him on a team like Doom/Akuma/Blackheart… that doesn’t sound like it has very many options…

What assist options should I settle with for Cable/Sentinel/Gambit when they are going with Ken?

Cable Anti Air (Scimitar)
Sentinel drones
Gambit Projectile (Kinetic Card)