What Makes a Laggless TV


Its Christmas and I gots money. I’m def going to purchase a new TV or Monitor. Question is, how do i know without testing it if it is lagless or has very little lag? is it the shorter the ms response time the better? is there spikes in the response time? are there any factors that come into play?


theres a thread for that


  1. Unfortunately, can’t know without testing how laggy a TV/monitor is. Input lag is not a stat that advertised on the tech specs.

  2. Response time has nothing to do with input lag.

  3. As far as I know, response time doesn’t really spike, but input lag can (and does). Any good input lag test will include max and average input lag numbers.

  4. The big things that influence input lag are screen type (TN monitors tend to be lower lag that many other types, for example) and how much image processing the TV/monitor has.