What makes a N00b/Scrub?


I just wanted to know for when I’m playing online in SSF4 AE, what makes a n00b or a Scrub, so I know NOT to do some of those things.


Being a noob and being a scrub are two completely different things. Thinking they are synonymous is a common misconception.

Noob - A player that is just starting out. He’s in the process of learning the basic mechanics of the game. Everyone’s been at this stage in at least one point in their life; it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Scrub - A player who has a bad attitude towards the game he plays or other people who play it. He’s the one making a billion excuses for why he lost a match, or why something is “cheap,” etc. No one can make him change his attitude other than himself.


posting a question like this outside the newbie saikyo dojo is a pretty big indicator…


Ah! I see. Thank you for the explaination sir/ms.