What makes an anime game "anime"


I used to think I knew. Then read on twitter that apparently, GG isn’t anime.

Now I am lost. Help me fgd, you’re my only hope

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Having characters from an anime.

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marvel vs capcom -> 3
Melty Blood
Guilty Gear


Obviously Games With These Are Anime.

BlazBlue and Guilty Gear aren’t anime because they don’t have an anime right?


That reminds me, I wanted to rewatch the marvel anime’s since I only saw Wolverine and Iron Man and I missed a lot of those eps.


your post makes the most sense so far

thanks for the well thought out response


In all honesty there are two definitions. I’m not sure what’s “right”, but people who mention “anime fighter” mean one of two things:

A) A game that uses anime characters and drawing style. It’s purely aesthetic.

B) A game that often uses a L, M, H type of button layout, with a lot of emphasis on air-dashes and long combos/chain moves. Most japanese doujin games are of this type, because characters have less normals to animate when using the L M H layout. Good examples of this would be Blazblue, Melty Blood, and Arcana Heart. Also Guilty Gear. Anyone who says Guilty Gear isn’t an anime game is on fucking crack. The anime fighter genre owes much of its existence to GG.

Where it gets fun is the fact that if you use the second definition, UMvC3 is actually also an anime game.

Personally, I use the second definition, because if you’re going by definition A, then KOF or CVS2 or even the old Alpha games would technically be “anime games”. And I don’t think anyone would agree to that.

And yes, I think UMvC3 is a fast anime game with Marvel characters and an assist system. Some people don’t seem to realize that. Get over it. <3


So Injustice is the only non-anime fighting game this gen.


if it uses Engrish or various grammar mistakes, it is anime.
except for Mortal Kombat that uses it intentionally


The meaning of “anime” changes depending on the excuse you have to make.




if the eyes are bigger than the mouth then its anime


So all games capcom, kof, fatal fury, marvel series confirmed for anime
Gg/bb don’t have animes so they = not anime

Thx doods


BB has a light novel. Close enough


GG does have an anime OVA. It’s just that it’s called Giant Robo.


MK, GG, BB, and DOA are the only non anime fighters. SG doesn’t count because of the ova packaged in the moe moe gangsta edition of the game.


including mk9 and tekken tag


UMvC3 is more “anime” than Skullgirls, which is the closest we have to something like the Capcom fighters of old.

Why was a pic of Lisa Lisa added when talking about CvS2?


MK = Ninjas. Ninjas = Japan. Japan = Anime. MK = Anime.

Tekken Tag is anime as hell.

Anime Hair

Alpha series. Rose = Lisa Lisa = Anime. Just didn’t bold that part.


Ahoge = Anime


Chibi = Anime


2D = anime.