What makes certain characters so powerful!

THis is a thread of what makes certain characters in certain fighters so powerful!!!

One is what makes A-Vega in CvS2 so powerful?

I haven’t seen any vids or anyone pick A-Vega and really show what makes him so good, but yet I always see him on high ranking player’s list?

…are you kidding me?

havent you seen ricky ortiz play?

anyways, vega is super safe.

he controls the ground in front of him really well, he has c.:mp: which controls the ground in front of him from really far away.

his attacks are fast, and if whiffed you dont have that much time to do anything about it.

super fast jump.

good rc’s.

if you have good reaction time vega’s super fast jump also lets him anti air a lotta shit.

oh and his jumpins have a really steep angle on the hitbox so it beats out alotta things on the way down.

on top of being really safe a-vega gets the custom which is even better cuz you now dont have to store a charge to punish something as you would with c-vega.

No I haven’t see Ricky play, I want to though?

I know about Vega’s awesome priority, but does he have really damaging A-Groove combos like Sakura, Bison, Blanka?

That’s why I wan’t to know why is he so powerful in A-Groove?

Uhh…CvS2 is hella about the pokes. Vega has great pokes and yeah…everything Deus said. But if you hit me up on AIM, I can give you a good vid of Ricky playing as Vega.

www.crazyasskim.com for vids.

i think his custom does 6000 damage and downwards, which is still enough damage to be scared of getting hit by.

as why is so good in a-groove i’d say because of the following:

-can run the clock as much as he wants, he can set the pace of the match cuz hes excellent at slowing things down
-if vegas getting rushed down, he can activate and hope to catch you to stop your momentum
-fast jump means you must guess high or low when you’re not prepared for his jumps, or he might just throw you, or if you try to hit him out of the throw he might custom you, if you try to antiair, again he might custom you
-good walk speed means walkup throw/attack/custom, alotta people will eat walkup/dashup throw because of fear from the custom
-doesnt have to store a charge to do damage

vega’s just good in general, but the custom adds to any guessing games you might do with vega.

Ricky Ortiz has the greatest Vega in all of the U.S. Played him CvS2 when he was over here in NYC last summer. He beat me pretty bad while wearing a green Rainbow Brite t-shirt and wearing, what appeared to be, a purse. He also had long red hair. It flowed beautifully in the wind.

But yeah, I stole most of my Vega tactics from him that day. And Vega controls the match from the beginning. He really doesn’t necessarily need the custom to get at you, but its a fail safe should the shit ever hit the fan. His crouching forward is damn good as well. It has pretty good block stun to go right into his roll. Crouching fierce is decent anti-air as well as his standing roundhouse.

Thanks xxDeusxx, I finally see why A-Vega is so good:bgrin:

My friend told me about Ricky being Metrosexual when they went to Evo.

metrosexual? lol