What makes Chun Li #1?



Alright, I know this may seem like a really stupid question to most people who play this, but I only recently got this game, and was wondering what exactly set her as number one. (So I could know what to look out for when I get good) I know she has decent pokes and what not, and a great SA, but I’m sure I’m not noticing some other things about her.

  • c.mk in combination with sa2 ><
  • b.fierce
  • doesn’t take too much damage
  • shes pretty fast
  • good pokes
  • good karathrow
  • and decent health


Chun-Li is not #1.
Top tier maybe, but she’s got problem fights and can’t even really start to play until she has meter. If you’re forced to pick a #1, Ken or Yun are better qualified, I think.


name her problem fights for me. i can think of only one, that being 12 (who doesn’t beat anyone else)

can’t start to play until she has meter? i’ll play you at cgl without using meter if you’d like.

quarter a game! :smiley:

edit: dollar a game!


I can play ten games if I ever come down to Camelot, but help me out in the meantime… I’ve been playing Chun awhile and I haven’t been able to figure out a good way to keep pressure on while I don’t have any meter. Cunt Lips’ sweep sucks! Her best singular normal is stand fierce and it seems easy to call and parry. Closest thing I could ever figure out is to use forward+forward kick to advance.

It’s frustrating!

EDIT: How does Chun fight Yun?


If you don’t have any meter and they aren’t chasing you, feel free to sit on the opposite end of the screen and whiff back+fierces. Watch how fast they come flying at you. :lol: Then just mixup her, stand fierce, back fierce, both versions of standing roundhouse, low forward, and kara throw. All those moves are too good. :mad:


omg this should be a sticky… chun li’s entire game in a single paragraph.


nah ken maybe but even then yun takes some geting use to hes the hardest to play from top 3 imo not that thats really saying anything but none the less he has more things to learn


difficulty to learn a character does not make a character less “top tier”

difficulty to execute, -yes … see strider/doom.

but a character’s high learning curve does not subtract from their ranking or abilities.

this is why yun is so common in japan, and so rare in usa


I am also under the impression that Chun Li is #3, not #1.

But she is a LOT easier to use than Yun or Ken… so I guess for scrub/intermediate level I guess she is #1.
Just #3 at high (i.e. Japanese) level.

BUT… a lot of people assume that the characters who are best at scrub level (Eddy mashing in tekken, anyone?) usually fall apart at high level. However, Chun Li owns j00 in any case.
Either way, she is definitely top tier… WAYYYYYYYYYY better than most other characters :smiley:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)


Ken is easier to use than Chun li overall Ken is just really beginner friendly compared to chun li but then Chun li doesnt take THAT much learning either really.
from easiest to hardest to use - Ken->Chun->Yun in that order.
Though I still think a fully mastered Genei Jin Yun is the cheapest char in the game :p.
Chef in Japan overall the #1 spot is between Chun li/Yun some of the Jap players seem split over that but KSK said Ken is #3 there now.


Being a scrub myself, i think that i would be qualified to rate what characters are easiest to pick up and use (from the top three)

Ken- he’s just too familiar for anyone not to be able to use. hell he’s been around so long and whored out so much he’s in the collective conscious. children are born knowing how to use Ken, it’s instinctual. but to use him at a master level is difficult for sure. i can’t remember the last time a Ken won a tourney here.

Chun- fantastic normals that make a scrub look good. scrubs will have difficulty because we wiff super.

Yun- tough combo’s for a scrub like myself, so i pretty much don’t touch him.


Ken has no bad match ups either, Chun is the only one that can give him trouble.
Ken is more versitile with all the moves he can do into SA3, and Ken isnt really that hard to use either.

Oh well all toptier characters in any game is cheap.


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