What makes "rush down"?

I’ve been pondering for a while, what defines “rush down” in SSF4?
Tracking back, i’ve gotten a couple of messages telling me to drop E. Honda (which I have thought about once or twice), and to pick-up a more “rush-down”, aggressive character such as Cammy, Yun, Yang, etc. because I like getting in, and I did have a very aggressive Gen.

Yes I am aware that Honda is considered to be played more-or-less of defensive, but in theory if I can have a way of playing my character to fit my aggressive, rushing needs, then I will be fine playing him/her. This being said, what defines “rush down”, in AE? And any tips on making big, less mobile characters (such as Honda, Gief) to have a faster, aggressive role (such as Yun, Viper)?

While you can play any type of character as a “rush down” character, when it gets right down to it, some characters have more options than others in regards to playing a close-up, offensive-heavy, type game. No matter how creative you get with your attacks, your Honda will never have the same (or as effective), close-range options as say…Seth.

A rush down character is any character whose inherent design and attributes allow them to close the gap against their opponent and begin a close-range pressure. Good examples would be Makoto, Seth, Guy, Cody, etc. All have moves that allow them to close the distance, whether it be a fast dash (makoto), a move that brings the opponent closer to you (seth), a character who can quickly fly through the air to land close to you (Guy), or someone with fast, high-priority normals that moves them forward (Cody).

That being said, you should play whatever character you like, that suits your style. If you enjoy playing an aggressive Honda, then play Honda. However if you truly enjoy getting in on someone, you should consider playing characters like the twins, Cammy, etc. You won’t know unless you try them out for a few games.

unfortunately, it kind of boils down to how they had intended to design the characters. if they meant for Zangief to be a big, lumbering brute with powerful moves, there’s not much you can do to rectify the situation as the tool/moveset he was given is what defines him. some people may not agree with me on this [highly likely], but rushing down doesn’t have to be all about quick swipes or faster movement, it’s more about aggression. then again, you can search for some videos of Mike Ross and observe his general playstyle with the sumo guy as he is arguably one of the best E. Honda players right now.

peace out.