What makes Ryu more popular/better than Ken?



Ken is genraly weaker
slower fireballs
ultra is hard to get off even when u do fadc timing has to be precise
so why pick?


He has a more aggressive mix up based play style though still retains a lot of the fundamentals that makes Ryu comfortable to play. So he’s basically like a flashier more in your face version of Ryu. Too bad he’s so much work compared to Ryu that most people just play Ryu now.


Probably because people like him. It’s not always about who is better, or else people wouldn’t choose low tiers. He is also more aggressive like the person above said while Ryu is more laid back/powerful.


why do i choose ken? because ive used him since i was a kid and i stay loyal to my homies!! fist bump


We main Ken cause this is what “WE KNOW!”

Reppin Ken to the hardest! I stay rockin red!


Kara-throwing fools, counter hit ultra, flashy combos

a rich playboy whut!?

and play Ken in most other SF’s




I main ken for many reasons. I like his aggressive playstyle, I’m a natural with him and I’ve been playing with him since I was a kid making me very good with him, and I Excel at Dragon punching which is Ken’s strongest weapon in his arsenal so naturally I would main ken. Ryu is just too laid back and slow for my tastes…




I play Ken cause his B*itch is fine…


You are right, Ryu is pretty much better than Ken in every way in this game:

Ryu has:

  • Faster foot speed
  • Better overall damage
  • Better fireball (faster recovery and does more damage), EX version knocks down
  • Better zoning since he has better fireball and footspeed
  • Better dragon punch (3 frame startup on all versions, never whiffs and his 1 hit fierce dp does more damage than Ken’s 3 hit flaming fierce dp :amazed:)
  • Better sweep (5 frame startup vs Ken’s 8)
  • Many more ways to combo into Ultra and has no full/half ultra crap
  • Much more versatile and safer Super
  • Almost completely safe on block EX tastu

Ken has:

  • Awesome poke with his step kick
  • Kara throw
  • Better EX dragon punch
  • Mix-ups off tatsu

I play Ken much more often because for me his rush down game is just more fun to play. When it’s all business and I’m playing to win I go with Ryu.


Why go the easy way when you can take the hard way? If Ryu is better, then he’s easier. it takes more pride to win with Ken then with Ryu.


Pretty simple, for me. Ken is a much more offensive character. His mixups with step kick, cr fwd, overhead/throw, even though they do pretty crap damage, are just fun.

If I’m going to play a defensive character I prefer Sagat’s options to Ryu’s


i hurd dat fist bump back neva leave ma boi hanging.


SRK FADC Ultra makes ryu more popular than Ken


It’s much more than just that since Ken can do this too (not landing full does crap damage though). My other post above covers most points.


This man has got it down.

I was playing a bit of Ryu the other day vs some friends of mine and i was able to pull off a lot of lp srks into Ultra, often times winning me the game. But the thing was they felt more like hollow victories to me, they were just too easy and weren’t fun at all… =/

Much more fun Ken rocking people up with Ken than it is with Ryu imo


I main ken over ryu because he’s lower tier. I love the fact that I manage to pull victories with him, and he was the first character I picked. After seeing Ed Ma run circles around people with Ken, I just stuck with him.


His Ultra grin = S-rank


his step kick is amazing if used correctly