What makes Sean so terrible?



I don’t play or keep up with 3s that much, but every time I hear anything related to it I alwas see mention of how much he sucks. Could someone tell me why he’s considered to be so awful in this game?


Because YOU dont take the TIME to make him LOOK GOOD like all the OTHERS


lol Bodler!

I like your vids btw :wink:


Because you don’t take the time to play with Sean.
Foolish question to ask considering it’s all about the player.


DPs are shitter than the other shotos, some of his moves are slightly slower than other shotos… He’s got a pretty meh choice of supers; SA1 allows for the most options but has really low damage, SA2 hardly combos off of anything, SA3 has only one stock. Oh, and he’s got terrible comboability/damage potential without meter.

Sure he has strengths to make up for it, and you can say it’s all about the player or whatever, but these disadvantages still exist.

Personally I don’t think that Sean is that crap, but I guess most people would rather play the other shotos since they’re all stronger and not totally different.


Horrible moves, essentially, his supers are ok. But his dragon punch is pure shit, pushes you back so much you can’t cancel into it properly like EVERYBODY ELSE WITH ONE, you can’t combo into HK hurricane either, you have to use an EX Hurricane and still deal like 3/4 the damage Ryu does without an EX.
His other moves are ok but too gimmicky in function, and without a solid base you aren’t going to clown your way out of every fight, not even close.

Did I mention how gay the uppercut is, you literally hit a cornered opponent then cancel into DP and you’re whiffing the DP somewhere mid-screen.

Comboing into the tackle is top-tier tho’.


lolyeah but Sean’s HK hurricane is unsafe on hit anyway, IIRC.

Still at his core, he has some ok shoto moves and in 3rd Strike it’s hard for me to think of a character with that and low forward xx half decent super could be that bad.

That reminds me, I’m pretty sure his normals have less cancelable frames than the other shotos. :rofl:


If you don’t have a solid understanding of the ‘physics’ of Third Strike. Sean is even more challenging to beat good players with.

However if you do have a good understanding of 3’s and decide to use Sean, he’s got a good base but he’s just an overall limited character compared to other top/mid/low tier characters.

Using his quick forward dash is pretty key and mixups are pretty important as well.


Eh, how did I know this thread was coming? I can simply say that this is NOT something that needed to be started.

To clear some things…

-The DP CAN be comboed midscreen, just depends on the normal you cancel from and the relative space btwn u and the opponent, like standing hp (close), standing mp (close), and crouching mk. The lp and mp ones are comboable, but if ur trying to combo to DP, it’s best to use LP version, cuz you are then at an advantage…

EDIT: EX one is comboable too, but dont waste meter on that.

Still overall, by itself, it’s useless for the most part.

-The HK Tornado Kick has EXTREMELY bad startup and recovery, so that’s a main reason why you cannot combo it, lol. But seriously, you shouldn’t really try to use the tornado kick much anyways. If you use any of them, use the lk version or the ex, which the ex one will put you in a neutral state instead of a disadvantage.

-His normals are actually pretty good on damage and stun. Some are slightly slower than other shotos, but they are still usable and the frames when they can be cancelled are the same as any other shoto.

Aside from this, he’s actually IMO the most interesting shoto to use. He’s not like the other ones at all outside of “general shoto knowledge.” It’s not easy for him to win, but for him he’s either at a disadvantage or nearly even in matchups, so it’s pretty much uphill for him. I know he’s got disadvantages, but at the same time, everyone got disadvantages. His are pretty significant, but at the same time he’s got some good points about him that makes him good to use.

He’s a good base character, especially if you wanna learn shotos. You can acquire good general shoto knowledge using him, seeing how spacing, pokes, and technique are key to using him.


-Good stun and damage from normals
-Speed (not normals, his movement speed)
-Fairly decent mixups
-Good opponent wakeup game (at least against non-DP or bad-DP characters)


-Wonky/Somewhat terrible special attacks (Gotta learn when/how to utilize them, the useful ones anyhow)
-Supers (good and bad things can be said about them. Recovery-wise, bad. Damage and hit confirms, for the most part good. Priority-wise, outside of SA1, pretty ok, even though priority shouldn’t come into play if you’re hit confirming the supers like you should)
-Bad recovery on some normals.

Sean is hands down my fav char, even with disadvantages. He is a challenging character to use, because he does have a somewhat limited toolset, but if you wanna get good with him, a few asswhoopings will teach you a thing or two and will make you wise up. He doesn’t suck, but you will have a challenge ahead of you to make this character effective. And it’s possible, i beat ppl with him all the time. I went to a get together Saturday night, and I immediately used Sean, and everyone was talking shit about how bad he was. I won all but one set of matches against everyone I played that night, and they were from pretty decent to high level players. He is a decent character IMO in the right hands.


Sean is one of my favorite sf characters evarrr


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I think imma startup an Adv. Sean thread…what y’all think?


I’ll go ahead and save everyone the trouble and say the answer you’ll get about 100 times in this thread.

Answer: Everything. :razzy:


Hahaha, I know, Sean brings out every possible answer outta ppl. :rofl:

I will probably start it up soon anyway. I had a lot of thoughts and ideas after the get2gether i went to last night.

If I do it, I do expect Bodler to throw his 2 cents in as much as the other regular Sean players…I been teaching a few folks how to use him in private, but I might as well put the shit I know up here.


Again, Sean takes the words out of my mouth.

It’s all about the player anyways…disadvantages or advantages aside.

You can say whatever you want about him but if you do not learn from whatever natural disadvantages he may have then you might as well take your scrub ass back to Ken and leave Sean to real players who can make him work.

It’s like saying that Ken is horrible and you rather play Gill o.O :confused::rofl:

I happen to think his best start up is the knee…which you can use to combo all three of his supers because you need to be standing near your opponent and press HK.

SAII is used for wake up/jumpy players.
SAI is for ground opponents.
SAIII I do not recommend as much…maybe for damage sake.


:coffee: Gotta get rdy for class.

No more wakeup supers for Sean. Forget the priority, let’s get into hit confirming. If he’s baited, he’s toast. I usually catch Sean players doing wakeup supers more than any other character.

SA2 is good for people that will spend a good portion of the fight in the air, like the twins, necro, 12, and maybe oro and ibuki.

SA1 is good on just about everyone if you can hit confirm, simple as that. I will use Hadou Burst on any character and beat a good portion of opponents.

SA3 I think has good damage, just the one bar turns people away, but I actually can recommend this for Chun Li, and Urien actually.


is it just character specific where sean shoots the ball at the beginning of a round, or can you control it somehow?


You can’t control it, but I see it done to Necro, Q, and Elena at times. He also gets a smidge of meter before the round starts if it hits.


I think it’s only on his stage and you definetly can control it by moving the stick left or right


Sean isn’t a bad character. He essentially has the same tools as Ken… Ken just does it better.

It’s kind of like if Gill was tournament legal then all of a sudden Chun/Yun/Ken are really terrible characters in comparison.

As far being “shit” tier, I’d disagree. Sean can beat any character in the cast. It just takes more work than it would in higher tiers.

He’s not terrible, just not… good in comparison to other characters.