What makes Seth legal?


He seems pretty over powered. Is it the damage he does is lower? Or he has less damage or what…?


His low damage and the fact that he bleeds like a 5 year old girl with brittle bone disease.


Haha this. In Arcade he’s pretty brutal, but they make up for it in Vs by turning him into a kitten :stuck_out_tongue: has very low life. Don’t underestimate a Seth player in Vs though, they make up for it in raw aggression and frustratingly time-consuming (albeit weak) combos.


He’s over 18.

Also, he’s very risky.


Yeah, it took me a little while to notice Seth in arcade mode is a completely different character.


Aight I see. It just seems like the dude has so many tools to keep you locked down. Has a SRK, Sonic Boom, Dahlsim arms, a teleport, Zangief type command grab, that vacum move that sucks you in, an awesome oki game, and whatever else.

Despite having less health and doing less damage, he still manages to be top3 on most tier list. I can only assume it’s cause of his move set and how he can stay on top of you after his combos.

I mean I still get worked by any character in a good players hands regardless, but Seth is like wtf, lol.


Top three in a tier list with pretty compressed tiers is not a good reason to ban a character.


Seth is legal because the player controlled character is nerfed. If they nerfed Gill like that in 3S then Gill would be legal and player controlled Gill would be below Urien. Same thing with ST Akuma. If they had nerfed his normals and gave him a dizzy animation then ST Akuma would not be banned.


Seth has his share of bad matchups, notably against Cammy, Fei Long, Sakura and Adon. And a lot of times the bad matchups come from stupid reasons like combos or command grabs not working on weird hitboxes, which can make playing him extremely frustrating.

Otherwise he’s in general a high risk high reward character, one blocked DP or one whiffed command throw can led to a dead Seth. Winning consistently with him can be difficult, which is why increasingly you are seeing less and less Seth players competitively.


I’m not saying that’s a reason to ban him. But just saying that’s how strong of a character he is. To have the least amount of health and do the least amount of damage, and yet still always be ranked all the way up there in top3 is pretty good. Nothin more.


You just answered your own question though, there is no skill based reason to ban the third best character in a game. The only way I can see an character who is clearly not the best being banned is if they are console specific.

So to answer your original question the reason he is legal has nothing to do with what tools he has, its because he is not even considered the best character in the game.


You’ll know an over-powered character when you see one, when half the entire tournament is using him/her, and is consistently placing in top8 brackets at majors. When was the last time you saw a Seth player with that much consistency besides Poongko at a major tournament?

While he has many great and powerful tools, especially in the post-KD mixup game, his low health and low damage make up for it. If he can’t get his offense started, he’s usually pretty quick to get tore apart.


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