What makes SF so good?

Hey Shoryuken, so I picked up SSF4 recently. It’s my first real fighting game and I absolutely love it. So I was wondering, what in your opion makes SSF4 better than other modern fighting games like soul caliber 4, tekken 6, and virtua fighter 5?

Well, it’s not neccesarilly better, but more people play it. I like the game too, though.

Speaking for SF as a series though, it was really the first of it’s kind. So that’s one reason I like it.

It’s better than Soul Caliber 4 at least because SSF4 has nothing gamebreaking (yet). Tekken 6 (arguable) and VF5 are better than SSF4 though.

Although if you were to ask me what I like about SSF4 more than those other games is that it has a lot of people playing it and that is because it is easier to pick up.

What makes you turn on the game again?

There’s your answer. Me personally, I just like the fact that SF is relevant again, but I’m not the biggest fan of SF4 though.

what’s the old saying? Opinions are like assholes…everyone has one & they all stink? It’s personal taste. I just prefer it to the games you listed.

I find it to be more tactical than the other fighters i’ve played (all the ones you listed and more), every match seems different wereas from my experience with other fighters most matches play out pretty similarly every time.

Also I find Soul Calibur to be extremely simplistic in comparison to all other fighting games i’ve played, I never really got massively deep into the gameplay and was self taught without guides but despite this I still won pretty much all my matches online, just from remembering a few combos for varying ranges and situations.

Why is the game good?

  1. It’s got a diverse and interesting cast of fighters.
  2. It’s easy to pick up and learn, but tough to truly master.
  3. It provides a challenge that cannot be won by cheat codes or hacks. The kind of challenge you have to work hard through to complete.
  4. It’s hard not to stare at Sakura’s red bloomers. :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Overall, it’s a fantastically crafted fighting game that gets more fun the more you play. Every upcoming match is like an action story waiting to be told.

Well wouldn’t say its that good but at least its not utter crap such as BlazeBlue or King of Fighters. Besides that I think people talk the most shit in SSF4 and I find it amusing to crush them. Really simple game that even children can pick up and enjoy.

Your a liar, its not tough to master at all. Though things such as one frame combos is bullshit and can’t really be mastered, it’s more of the learning how to use a move and putting them to use.

So BitterSweet I guess you’ll be placing at the next EVO since you’ve mastered the game already.

I like SF better than 3d fighters because I don’t really understand 3d fighters. I have never learned to play one properly and maybe if I got into them I’d like them, but from the outside I dislike the speed at which 3d fighters move and the emphasis on millions of wakeup options and juggling etc.

I started FG’s with GGXX and I much prefer SF type games to the “anime fighters” like GGXX or BB because SF emphasizes a solid ground game. I also like that SF’s combos are generally just like normal normal link normal xx special, whereas anime fighters are usually like normal normal launcher air normal air normal jump cancel air normal air normal or something way more convoluted like normal normal special roman cancel/baroque instant air dash hit hit blabla. It’s not fun to get hit by combos like that, they take forever, and they generally add very little to the game beyond making it look flashier (I think ultra animations in SF4 are annoying for this same reason though).

I like it for the tactics involved. You have to know your character and the others in the game to do well while playing it. Then you still have to figure out what your opponent wants to do.

this is why ssf4 is very difficult to master. a lot of people think they’re good because they can do combos

Brand awareness. It’s like mcdonalds.

T6 and VF5 are better little one. Soup Dick Punchair Fore! is a horrible game.

I’d say its the easy to learn/hard to master factor. Tekken and VF have a steep learning curve whereas sf is much more gradual

the mind games