What makes SF4 a "bad" series?


i think its because i never played fighers (i was all counterstrike, MMO’s, and SC2 before picking up SF4) but are shortcuts really that bad? i feel like i did the non shortcut srk for most of the time untill i learned you could shortcut it 2 months ago lol. and even when i play sagat you cant shortcut the kara+dp.

Other shortcuts i may not know about i wont say anything about but the srk shortcut seems pretty trivial

like i cant even use the shortcuts for cody but it doesnt bother me

but hey im one of those 09ers so i guess i dont count for shit :S


In my opinion nope not really but its the “veterans” or “pros” in this thread complaining about it :slight_smile:


I’ve always figured it was always old fags who are mad it doesn’t use sprites, who don’t like the game. That’s what I’ve heard the most. I’ve also never understood the problem with the shortcuts. You don’t HAVE to use them and if they come out on accident it’s because your execution is sloppy and needs practice.


What I don’t like…

-Autopilot offense for some characters.
-Focus attacks.
-Bad fireballs for most characters (Dee-Jay, Rose, Ken, etc…).
-Lenient reversal inputs.
-Comeback ultras.

The way this game feels to me is I need to get a knockdown and then apply one of the million setups I have memorized. That just bores me. I also don’t like how some offense will initiate through a character jabbing out of another’s hit-confirming. I also don’t feel like SF4 has taught people fundamentals, as too many times, for example, people focus an air attack instead of AA’ing it. I feel like the game teaches people some bad habits. I also feel the ultra system is stupid, getting ultra for getting your ass kicked is a bad “reward” system.

The game also stinks for footsie and fundamental characters. You spend half-a-round making good reads and sound pokes, then suddenly you get knocked down and 50/50’d into oblivion. Oh, and unblockables (lol). I play the game but I think there are much better fighters than it.

And no, I’m not trying to shit on the game. I’m simply stating my opinion as a long-time player of Street Fighter games (since…'92?).


This i can agree with as SF4 is my first game my buddy made me very aware i was whoring focuses and its detrimental. then i played him in some sets with the rule no focus attacks or even fadc’s. When i went online it was a whole different world and i was owning lol


Yes…i agree with this. I have no problem with shortcuts too.

Its quite irritating if you read http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/my-most-wanted-change-for-ae2013/155352
where you can find tons of so-called-pro (which is scrub) ask capom to remove shortcut.

You see, I dont blame shortcut if i accidentally dp-ing a cannon-spike where my intention was to dash cannon drill.
I blame myself for not executing half circle-K input afterdash instead.
It is sad how bad sportsmanship of these so-called pro where they dissed newbie player who utilising shortcut.
They claim these newbie don’t deserved skyrocketing to high-ranked player by shortcut assisted.
Remember …there’s once, we were a newbie too…


so far, the problems with SF4 are

-reversals are too good
-its too easy to play defensively
-its too easy to keep attacking
-mixups suck
-zoning sucks
-the screen is too big, zoning is too good
-i dont like viper
-shortcuts (which have existed in 3S)
-option selects (which have existed in 3S)
-crossups are hard to block
-FADC is too safe (what the actual fuck lol)
-FAs are too good
-FAs are shit
-reversal are too bad
-when i get knocked down, i’m at a disadvantage against certain characters

welp i’m sure capcom will get right on all this

useful thread 10/10


LOL sadly you’re being sarcastic but a lot of the points are true…

-reversals are too good - Its pretty easy to win by mashing unpredictably on SSF4…
-its too easy to play defensively - From what I see this is the way to go, just let players kill themselves by jumping at you or coming at you and react to everything they do.
-its too easy to keep attacking - Not really…
-mixups suck - Yup. Unless unblockables/hard to blockables/Cammy/Seth.
-zoning sucks - Nope.
-the screen is too big, zoning is too good - Yup…
-i dont like viper - No one does xD
-shortcuts (which have existed in 3S) - True but also the difference in shortcuts is pretty huge. Its completely obvious that SSF4 shortcuts are 100x more lenient than 3rd strike. (Not that I give a poop…)
-option selects (which have existed in 3S) - Option selects are dumb man. Yes they take skill to learn and execute but some people actually become way too reliant on them AND its just much cooler if people made reads or really good reactions rather than option selects. That and some characters with unblockable setups and option selects are impossible to avoid being hit by which IMO is crazy.
-crossups are hard to block - lolwut? Scrub must have said that… Unless they meant unblockables/fake crossups…
-FADC is too safe (what the actual fuck lol) - Its true man… DP FADC is pretty much free GET OFF ME/pressure escape option for a lot of characters… yes you can argue that it can be baited by backdashing causing it to whiff and be punished or other methods but really it is really good and again something a lot of people rely on. This problem wasn’t in 3rd strike as you had parrrying so mashing DP on wake up/during blockstrings (well during blockstrings maybe) wasn’t as used but in SSF4 people can get away from pressure so easily, online its extremely popular and while yes, it is a good tactic, its also annoying because certain characters lets say… Akuma or Ryu can be extremely hard to chase down and apply pressure and the way they can just DP FADC and run is really annoying for some characters.
-FAs are too good - lolwut? Probably someone who doesn’t know what armour breaking moves are xD
-FAs are shit - lolwut? Probably someone who doesn;t know how to use it properly and/or doesn’t like the concept of Focus Attacks.
-reversal are too bad - I don’t really thing people have said that unless they meant like… oh ____ should have a better reversal.
-when i get knocked down, i’m at a disadvantage against certain characters - … that’s pretty much all fighting games? Unless they’re talking about mixups/setups in which case I agree if they’re talking about 50-50s/Unblockables/Fake Crossups/Hard-to-blockables.

Also there’s no point taking tons of points out of a thread and using them out of context to make it look like everyone in the thread is stupid.
Makes no sense :sweat:


characters walk too slow. I want them to walk faster.


So… it’s a bad series for some good reasons yeah, but a lot of people is still playing it. Why?


because most people put aside negativity instead, and enjoy play this game to the fullest. unlike some people like you, assuming Ultra moves are bad aspect n the game. what a assclown.




Boring gameplay …


Lol, there is a thread just to bash a video game? Aren’t there better ways for you to spend your time?


I actually can’t think of anything … although some SF4 sounds better than waiting at work for the day to be over.


the answer is twofold:

the fighting game community is roughly 25% “anything mainstream sucks” gamers who will complain about anything that is not ST or an anime fighter; but like battered wives, we always come back. not saying ST sucks or GG sucks (well, maybe GG just a little), but that’s just fact. on a forum, that percentage of people doubles. nature of the internet and all that.

and secondly, what the hell else are you going to play

MK9? Nah. Skullgirls? Eh. SFxT? Ahaha. Tekken? Get out.

actually though …i would like to see more skullgirls love


i agree with this…this thread is full of gay who try to condemn this game.
they ask stupid question such as “why still bother play this game?” or the least ones “why ultra?”


KOF13, P4A, VF5FS, or DOA5. They’re plenty of games to play.


KOF 98, KOF 2k2, VSAV, GG, BB, Arcana Heart, NGBC, the list goes on and on and on and on and on


I was just posting some of the competitive games right now, but yeah the point still stands. There are tons of games to play.