What makes unblockables... well unblockable?


The only one I know how to do is Firebrand. (with various assists)

But can someone explain unblockables? Like what properties make them unblockable? etc


There are two types of unblockables in this game;

Scenarios where you’re attacked at multiple points so that you’re unable to block: for example, using Wesker gunshot assist (which hits low) while using an overhead with another character.

The other is that certain attacks just can’t be blocked such as Firebrand’s. Taskmaster also has one.


True unblockables are tied to move that have just that property, they’re moves that have a property that makes them impossible to block if they connect, usually after being charged up ( Vipers Focus attack, Firebrands SRK swoop, Taskmasters Swordmaster )

Other “unblockables” require hitting an opponent with a low ( or high ) hitting assist, while your point hits them with a high ( or low ). Those aren’t really unblockables though, as you can technically block them if you switch your blocking quick enough.


Yup, there are two types of unblockables in this game:
True unblockable attacks:
-C.Vipers level 3 Focus Attack, Firebrand’s Demon Missile H, Taskmaster’s Sword Master Followups, Shuma and X-23’s level 3s.

Then there are Human unblockable setups(won’t work on AI) but a real person cannot react or move in time to block:
-Here you simply use a overhead attack and a low attack at the same time so it’s impossible for a human to block both attacks at the same time, doesn’t have to be frame perfect but if you time them right its near impossible to block, either by using a low assist(ie Felicia or Wesker) or high assist(Viper BK/Akuma Demon flip), there are characters that can set up these solo(Modok/Dorm/Racoon)

There are no left/right unblockables in this game as you only have to block the direction of the point character, and the game has autoguard for left/right shenanigans(if you are in blockstun there are no left/right mixups and the game will block for you, you can use pushblock to extend blockstun).


That is simpler than expected. haha, thank you guys.


I have some confusion with this part. So, if you are hitting opponent from one side, and say Sents drones are hitting him from behind and opponent blocked correctly, the opponent is blocking everything… Say the opponent is crouching while blocking this whole onslaught, if your point character delivers an overhead, is the opponent responsible to block that high? Or is the game blocking everything for him til he is out of block stun from the entire mix up attempt?


The game auto-blocks left right, but it doesn’t auto-block high low.


There are actually 3 types
The 2 mentioned above
Sentinel Crouching M


Crossup mixups don’t work when you are blockstun, this forces roll/teleport character to leave a window for you out of blockstun. Sent’s Drone and Ammy’s THC super is amazing they are not true blockstrings However in blockstun, high/low mixups always work no matter what.

Try doing Wolverine beserker slash mixups with Cold Star vs Magneto mixups with cold star. Wolverine’s beserker slash mixup don’t work in blockstun, BUT Magneto’s mixups work no matter what.




You forgot Dantes j.:s:.


no you block that then its cancelled into hammer