What makes up a good fighting game?

Hi I’ve recently started making a fighting game using UDK. Then I started wondering what kind of mechanics should I include in this game. I don’t want it to be a clone of one game but I still would like to know what people like in their fighting games. I would also like to know what people consider to be required in a fighting game besides the general game mechanics. Of course training seems required. But what about multiplayer, survival, challenges, combo training, etc. What do people deem necessary. Also what is your favorite style of fighter?

Tutorial. Nothing pisses me off more than when i have no idea how to do something but the computer does. A survival mode is always accepted, as well as multiplayer (In fact, i think multiplayer is required in fighting games, at some basic level). A easy to use combo system is great too. I prefer games like MVC3 over SF or the Soul series. A arcade mode is recommended too. Ummm… Roster diversity, (Big and slow, Fast and weak, Combo monkeys, High/Low execution, stuff like that).

And Supers/Hypers/Ultras or something. Maybe some sort of Tagging out mechanic.

I’ll be back in case i think of anything else.

this thread isn’t going to end well…

Yeah this thread could be great, but SRK can’t really “Cope” with such open ended threads anymore. Expect imminent derailment.


Solid Gameplay
Lots of Variety / Characters / modes / unlockables
Online / Supported w/updates ect
Replay saving


How is the combo system of MVC3 different from SF series? I’m sorry but I haven’t played much SF to go in depth with them. What kind of modes are you referring to, game modes or like characters have different modes like in Mortal Kombat where they had different fighting styles and a weapon style? Also would unlockables be more along the lines of what Mortal Kombat typically offers, Kyrpt full of various things used in development such as fatality stick figure, music, concept, etc. or more along the lines of MVC3 where it’s just music, art stages, character art, endings, etc.(more refined stuff). I found myself personally liking Mortal Kombat style of having alternate costumes hidden in the krypt.

SF is more link heavy (Or so i’m told. I’m a total SF noob), so for me, it was harder to actually connect a true string of hits. Whereas in MVC3 i basically just keep hitting the buttons i want to do next and they’ll all chain until i go against one of the combo system rules (Like no canceling a special into another special, or a Heavy into a Light or something.) or the hitstun gets to be too much. If you watch some videos of them side by side you’ll see what i mean.

In terms of unlockables i’ve always prefered unlocking stages/costumes instead of characters. (I hate unlocking characters. Except for the obviously “Hey, i’m super OP. WANNA BE ME?!” type. Them and Bosses i don’t care about.) though i don’t mind unlocking upgrades or new moves for characters. Sorta like how Blazblue has the Unlimited versions of each character. Music i’ve never cared about unlocking as it’s usually not very hard to unlock them.

A list of fighting game modes and stuff.
Time attack.
Boss rush (If bosses are available.)
Some sort of story mode. (Soul Calibur 3 had a interesting story mode thingy that had nothing to do with the actual canon at all. Something with a plot basically.)
Practice. (Viewable hitboxes, option to play against a computer or person. You know, basic stuff.)
Tutorial. (In depth too. Like, “Block 3 attacks in a row” and have the attacks randomized or something, then “Parry 2 attacks in a row” and stuff like that, so that you actually learn to play instead of just having everything told to you.)
Some sort of challenge mode. (Blazblue’s Score attack mode (Where everyone is all super annoying to fight. Possibly mixed with Boss rush or something), MVC3’s mission mode where you do a preset combo then move onto the next one.)
Maybe a mini game of some sort? (SF4 had the thing where you had to destroy cars or barrels or something.)
Versus. (Both CPU and Human.)
A character edit/creator. (Because i just like screwing around with stuff. Hell, it’s the primary reason i bought SCV/5)
Online. (Leader boards, Ranked and Player match. Replays. A decent lobby system.)
Team mode. (Bloody roar had a mode where you could pick either 3 or 5 characters and fight with them. When one person would die, the next round would start and you’d use the second person you chose, and so on. It also had a Versus mode for that sort of thing, so i could fight my brother.)

A variety of characters. Solid, logical mechanics. Punchy presentation.

yeah,i agree.


If it’s fun and you genuinely have a good time with it.


Which kind of blocking style is preferred? MVC3 with advancing guard or MK with a breaker?


if you’re serious about making a good fighting game, you should PM me. there’s way too much to type up for a single thread.

let capcom make it

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And use the search function, and read the Wiki.


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A good fighting game is one where you have fun playing it.

What makes up a good fighting game? Programming, graphics, ideas. hahahahaha