What makes up the cost of a blank wood stick case?


I am not implying that blank cases are a rip off or discrediting anything, but I was curious about what goes into the cost of producing a blank arcade stick case. Perhaps I do not buy enough furniture as a consumer (too poor) to know exactly the reason.

Does the cost mostly go into labor, or price of a special grade wood (maple costs more than ash, density of wood), or does it go into recouping the cost of equippment (CNC router/Table Saw/Drill etc)?

I would have expected blank wood cases to cost around 40 if someone told me to estimate the worth (without doing any market research), but I see it for 70+ easily everywhere. If it has a special finish, it goes up well over 100.


I would say labor easily. considering all of the carving, drilling the holes, glue and nuts that are used for the assembly, not to mention covering the costs to purchase said materials for it’s construction.

Obviously some people don’t want to sell a case at a loss and a lot of custom stick builders can take a loss easily when selling a custom built stick. (especially when you factor accidents or common mistake such as drilling a hole at the wrong size or the frame cracking upon it’s construction. Some times bad shit happens, even if it’s not the fault of the builder)


I would have to agree on the labour costs. For many products, that is often the case for the increases on price (that along with shipping), whereas the parts may only make up 30% of the price.


definitely labor. especially with how nice some of the cases turn out =)


i’ve seen byrdo makesome cases out of exotic woods thatcost easily more than 50 dollars asquare foot.

ive madesome out of mdf, which is way easier to work with and way lessexpensive, andthe amount of work put in to a goodlooking case isa lot. Painting, routing, cutting, sanding, etc. is a lot of work if you want a great product.
70-80 dollars for a mdf case is ok imo.


so 15 dollars for materials and 55 dollars for labor.

Well seeing how it does take several hours of work, cutting, rabbiting/dadoing/routing, glue, clamping, checking if its square, then drill holes in the wood and lexan (if applicable), routing edges for fancy look (or using hand gouges and do it by hand for designs that routers just can’t duplicate), then finally priming and painting, this easily turns into 15-20 hour project, so they’re charging you for about $3 per hour of work.


byrdo also had that case that went for $600 that one time. shit was beautiful!

but yeah costs mainly go to labor. but that $ normally just gets put back into the tools or material :rofl:


The amount of time I personally have put into the sticks I’ve made, it’s very hard to put a price on it. It’s a labour of love really, anybody can slap four bits of timber together and call it a stick, but it’s when you get into the finer details, in order to make it ‘perfect’ it ends up taking a very long time.

Kinda like doing up a car I guess.


some dude who advertises his custom sticks on several italian message boards asked me 300 ? (390~ US $) to make two wooden cases and stick inside them joysticks and buttons…and materials weren’t even included either (I should’ve provided them, what a bargain!).

I told him to fuck off, researched a bit (shoryuken.com and slagcoing.com helped immensely) and made my own sticks for less than 150 US $, materials and Seimitsu/Sanwa arcade parts included.

I think people are just assholes and enjoy overcharging like there’s no tomorrow because outside of these relatively small communities no one knows shit about arcade sticks, I’m a total noob when it comes to DIY stuff and electronics however even I can come up with a pretty decent final product: putting together 5 pieces of wood and soldering a few wires here and there doesn’t take Leonardo Da Vinci’s crafting skills ffs.


Making a small box is easy.

Making a beautiful, routed & drilled box, testing, soldering, etc… yeah, builders are really UNDERcharging you.

I mean, Christ, I could make more sitting on my ass while on unemployment benefit.


several. lol… a few months ago i accidentally stumbled across an italian version of srk… they were posting emulators and sharing porn on that site, lol.


wasn’t talking about a hypothetic (because AFAIK nothing of the likes actually exists, people here haven’t given 2 shits about both arcades and beat’em up’s in ages) italian shoryuken counterpart, I was just referring to gaming-centric message boards in general. There’s tons of them out there.

despite your prejudices Italy is extremely similar to the US technologically speaking and nearly as rich economically, the american influences on our society are very apparent and somewhat uncanny and our government policies regarding piracy are even more strict than yours, just fyi eh.

let’s not turn this thread into a “Guidosville Vs. McDonaldsland” argument though, I beg of thee.


I just got done building my first stick and am in the painting process now. As far as materials go the box proably has under $20 in it, but I’ve spent ALOT of time on it. Getting a pro-quality box for around $60 is a bargin. Unless you just enjoy building things, you aren’t really saving much money rolling your own.