What makes you deside on your character?

I guess I go by who I feel comfortable with. Although I like playing as Non-Top tier characters.

I want to play as characters I like, but If that was the case I would play as:

Rock in G:MotW (but I play as Kim Dong Hwan)
Rock/Kyo/Kyosuke in CvS2 (but I play as Yun/Rugal/Ken)
Yang in 3s (but I play as Gouki)
Feilong in SSF2X (but I play as Dee Jay)
Guy/Mukuro in CFJ (but I play as Vega/Yun)
Guy in SFZ3 (but I play as Adon or Nash)
Hisui in MBR:FT (I play as Shiki Touno)
Hibiki in LB2 (I play as Yuki)
Chipp in GGXX#r (I play as Ky)

Anyway, what makes you choose your characters?

Whoever I feel comfortable with. I didn’t know Nina was top tier until after I learned her. So I guess broken characters is really close in second. Sometimes I like to learn the broken characters.

To some extent, I pick them to my comfort. Like I never knew Ken was top tier when I first picked up 3s. Same goes with CvS2, I never knew Vega was top tier when I first started playing. I gotta admit that I did pick Sagat, because I was being a whore, but now I just enjoy playing him.

I play Yun in CVS, that’s how much I need to win.

OMG Grapplers plz

I know I am a badass. So I choose THE BADASS.

I try to learn as many characters as I can, but I’ll spend a little more of my time practicing the top tier characters. I play to win.

I play style first. Not character style, but the way they move. I like direct / bulldogging people. Either that, or big damage. Just in general though.

SFZ - Sagat
SF3 - Urien / Hugo
CFJ - Urien / Jedah
T5 - Bruce / Bryan

any character that has moves that involve the picking up and slamming you to the ground in the most violent manner is who i choose. :badboy:

I’m always just playing casually with friends, so I tend to pick random if there is a random. (Mostly because I can beat all my friends, so picking random at least let’s them win a few matches.)

I usually go with characters that I like based on how they look, play etc.
To get better, I pick the better characters. To mess around or experiment I’ll play the lower tiered characters. If a character that I’m using really sucks, I’ll drop him/her.

Usually go with who I’m most comfortable with, but that changes as I get better at a game.

I always used to use shotos in the Street Fighter series, but then as I actually learned the game, I discovered that I was much better with Dhalsim.

I usually try and learn everyone I can, but even if I like a certain character better, I still know who my best is.

I pick characters I like(such as Morrigan, Blanka, Leona, Iori, Ryu, Sabertooth, twelve and many others) so I end up playing alot of low tier.

i play styles that appeal to me. No matter how low tier they are.

  • steve fox/bryan fury/jin kazama their styles have always appealed to me…steves got a fuck off wanker attitude…bryans got a brawler/american kick boxing attitude/jin martial art is something i like

-ken/ryu…i grew up on them…their like family to me

-joe higashi…dudes an asshole…love him

characters i like. like, even though he’s technically a pussy, urien’s too badass for anyone in this game…

im just a really random player. ill play guilty gear and play with Sol to win. plus, i just think he’s really cool. But like cvs2 i hate the way ppl whore some characters. so i just use characters i like, and take em’ as far as i can just bcuz i hate the other characters. i abuse whatever is abusable with that character. basically, to make a long story short i’ve taken up Tokido’s philosophy. “Fuck What You Think Is Cheap”…and yet i want to do all that with non-top tier characters. so–im just random on certain games.

first I go by the looks
then fighting style
and then if I feel comfortable with him/her.
I hate broken characters,I don’t use them

Whoever has the biggest titties

Either a black character or a character that’s not used much.

a combination of how good they are (usually top tier), their character design and gameplay.

sentinel, duo lon, rolento, vega and nina are my favorite characters because they met all my criteria. i like their design, their gameplay and they are all top tier except maybe rolento but hes up there.

however there are some character designs i dont like too much (not hate) but i just love their gameplay like cvs2 sakura, makoto, st blanka, st fei long, st sim and especially cvs2 kyo

and their are some characters gameplay that i dont find too fun but i use them cuz their character design are tight like yamazaki, strider/doom, guile and charlie.

and top tiers, i never use top tiers just because they are top tiers. i use them on a combination of gameplay or character design. for example, cvs2 bison and cammy. i dont like their gameplay too much but i like their character design. opposite goes to sagat and sa3 yun. i dont like their character design too much but their gameplay is pretty fun and they are strong as fuck.

I usually perfer characters that has off the wall moves with long range and mobility like gen, vega, rolento and rekka based charactrs (duo lon, fei, iori, kyo, etc).