What Makes You Sad Thread


Your blog kicked my face in the ass, I’m sad I wasn’t ready for that


The USA makes me sad!

We used to be the most powerful economic country in the world.

Now look what happened!


Wouldn’t have happened if you took care of your bone-itis. Idiot.




<–This guy. Star Trek II. You know what I’m talking about.

The manliest tears ever shed.





He came back.

And Kirk’s kid died.

And Kirstie Alley lived.

That last part made me sad…


Oh god,


Kirstie Alley was replaced. That’s the harshest fate of all: you cease to exist and somebody else exists in your place. You don’t die. Nobody recognizes the significance of your loss. You’re just… gone.

Not that it’s relevant. My brain refuses to recognize the validity of Star Trek III.


Still crying.



Once I was at a public viewing of The Lion King and we were at that scene where Simba is roaming around looking for his dad

And I just yelled out


Apparently some 11 year old girl who was there hadn’t seen the movie before so she started crying because of my comment.

It was the finest moment of my career.


sad? not seeing my daughter in 3 years
manly tears? when speed racers mom talks to him and when he talks to sparky right before the grand prix

real tears? I havent shed those since my grandmother passed away in 2000.

Marn leaving the FGC



Ano Hana




note: dont see movies with THIS asshole!


Correction, don’t see movies I have already seen.

Rosebud was his sleigh, bro.


Probably the most spoiled moment AND most irrelevant spoiler in movie history.


Anime snob types can say what they want about Dub’s & original U.S music. But some of this stuff really accentuates a scene in ways the original didn’t. The awesome screaming guitar’s during that scene are just pefect:

(and yeah, Trunk’s finding Gohan’s dead body like that was pretty sad)



I thought rosebud was what he called his cane


Really? How the hell would you make that mistake?


If you watch the Americanized version of Dragon Ball first, it is possible to develop an understandable yet severely misguided prejudice that it’s the better version.